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You can still have an amazing Christmas if you can't do what you usually do. As we keep mentioning, this year is different for a lot of us. We may not be able to gather with the usual crowd and it may seem a little lonely. This is when technology comes to save the day! Plan to Facetime or Zoom with the friends and family you can't see in person this year. Wait to open a present or two for opening in front of that person via phone, tablet or computer. Watch the kids in your life show off all the goodies they got!

If it seems like it will be a lonely endeavor this year make sure you treat yourself to the upmost comfort and luxury this year. Get yourself gifts if there is no one in your life you can share the day with. Wrap them up and put them under the tree. YES, I'm serious! It's still fun to open presents whether someone is there to watch you or not. It's still awesome to rip that paper off and place the items under the tree even if you know what it is.

This is the time of year to splurge so do it for yourself! Love flowers? Get an amazing Christmas centerpiece with all the greens and fancy decor. Or get some fresh cut flowers if you prefer that. Make sure you have all of your favorite foods lined up so you can look forward to each and every meal. (Calories don't count on Christmas!) Put on some Christmas music while you unwrap your presents and prepare your meals. Get yourself a new fluffy throw for the couch so you can wrap yourself up in the ultimate comfort and luxury. Love baths? You will have plenty of time to take a long leisurely one Christmas Day. Or maybe even more than one! It's Christmas...be absurd. I encourage it wholeheartedly.

Make some hot chocolate in your favorite Christmas mug and settle in for a binge of your favorite Christmas movies. Or look up Christmas episodes or your favorite show. Or start something brand new and see how many episodes you can binge in one day! There's nowhere to go so dig in!

Like I said, it will definitely look different for a lot of people this year but it doesn't mean we can't enjoy the day. It doesn't have to be all about Christmas. It can be just doing the things that bring you joy and comfort. Make it your perfect dream day at home. If you spend a lot of time at home alone usually then make sure it is a special event with lots of splurges and everything that you would like to indulge in that you normally don't.

You have the power to make this Christmas special or make it a dud. It truly is all up to you. You can make it great or you can wallow in your sadness. All we have is this moment, right now. You never know what will happen from moment to moment. So make the most of each moment. Christmas is a special day. Even if you can't spend it the way you want to it can still be a great day.

One more day till Christmas Eve! Wishing all of you an amazing holiday! I hope it's fantastic and be safe in all that you do. Make this holiday badass! I'm still here, cheering you on. Talk to you on Monday!

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