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Taking Action

Do you know what you want to do and just can’t get started? Here’s what you need to know…just start doing it…NOW! Stop waiting, stop thinking about it, stop planning it (well, plan it while you are doing it) and get going. Do you want to lose weight? Then you need to start eating healthy now. You need to start doing some sort of psychical activity now. You can only walk for 5 minutes? Then do that and increase it as you go. Throw out the junk food at your house if you can’t be trusted being around it. Do you want to start a new relationship? Then sign up for a dating app. And look for people who may be compatible. Go to events in your community. Hang out at Home Depot or Lowes!

Here is a dream I have made happen in the past year or so. Writing. I’ve been wanting to write for a long time. I came up with an idea for a children’s book a few years ago. I know the story I want to tell and how it will go but I never sat down to actually write it. And honestly, I still haven’t. So as you can see I am still working on myself and need to take my own advice. My desire to write shifted into high gear after my mothers funeral and I received a lot of great feedback about the speech I gave about her. My one girlfriend actually said I should consider writing if I wanted another career. It really got me thinking. That was in November right after Thanksgiving. I thought about it a lot but didn’t take any action.

The following February (on my birthday) my beloved Philadelphia Eagles won their first Super Bowl. It was the most amazing feeling. I was overjoyed. I was actually embarrassed by how happy it made me. I thought….I can’t be the only one thinking this. So I sat down and wrote an article about how much the Eagles finally winning a Super Bowl meant to me. I sent it to my local weekly paper and they printed it. In fact, they printed it and I didn’t even know. She never responded when I sent it in so I figured they weren’t going to use it. I got a text from a friend who lives locally one night telling me how much she enjoyed my article in the Sandpaper. I was blown away. I ran out the next morning and grabbed like 10 copies! I was so excited. Do you know what it said at the top of the article? By Wendy McClure! That’s a freaking byline! I have a byline! Holy crap…I’m a freaking writer!

Not only did I get an article printed in a newspaper but not too long after I was actually sent a check. I’m a writer and I’m getting paid? Get out! This is beyond awesome! The woman also enclosed a note (a fellow Eagles fan) and said she loved my article. So you know what I did? I wrote more articles! They were mostly about where I lived and the aspects of living at the shore since it was a local paper for LBI. And she kept printing them. All it took was for me to finally sit down and write that first article. And now I send her stuff all the time. Then I had a friend that contacted someone at a monthly club magazine they give away at bars and restaurants. I wrote a couple of different things and finally settled on becoming a band reviewer for them. I’m still writing for both publications.

So whatever you have been dreaming about doing…stop dreaming and start doing! Just do it. Whatever it is. You may suck at it at first but practice makes perfect. You may not lose weight right away. Or you may trip over something on your first walk. Keep at it. Get on that dating app and start looking for your dream mate. Just do it. Start it…get down to the doing. I would still be sitting here thinking what a great writer I could be if I hadn’t just sat down and wrote something. Not only did I write but I sent it somewhere and it was printed! It’s not always that seamless but just doing it is the first step. Then you can figure out what to do with it. If you have something specific in mind drop me a note or message on the Hopefulist Facebook page and we’ll see if we can come up with a plan together. But get started NOW!

Have a great “I wish it were cocktail Friday, Thursday”!

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