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Taking care of you

Taking or finding the time to truly take care of ourselves. It's unheard in some households. I know. That needs to change. Time to care for our mental health is absolutely necessary for us to be at our happiest. Do what you need to do to make a little time for yourself every single day. Get up an hour earlier each day. I know what you are thinking when I say this but I promise you it will quickly become your favorite hour of the day and you won't be able to imagine not getting it in.

With this hour you can do whatever it that makes you feel your best. Take a warm bath. Do some journaling to work through some thoughts on how to let go of things and bring more joy into your life. Read! Read for pleasure. Read personal development books. Watch t-v if that is what you wish. Use that time to for your skincare routine. Make yourself a fabulous breakfast. Workout! Do something different every day.

Once you start making time for yourself it will become a non-negotiable. You will demand this precious time for yourself. This is the time to be selfull. That's right. Instead of calling it being selfish we are rebranding it to be a necessary part of our daily lives. I think being selfless is actually a bad thing. You give so much of yourself you have nothing left for you. Don't let people make you feel guilty for taking time for yourself. Especially you! Think about it like this....would you want your kids to be so busy taking care of others they don't have time to take care of themselves? My guess is the answer is no. When you start to feel guilty for taking some time for yourself think of yourself as you do your loved ones and what you want for them. You should want the same for yourself.

If we don't take the time to truly take care of ourselves we can't really be there for others in the way we could be. We need the time to recharge, refresh and rejuvenate ourselves. It's the best way to be our very best. It's a win/win because we feel better by getting our needs met while being whole to help others in our life. It's not selfish...it's selfull! Learn the word, live the word, love the word.

Carve out some you time. You won't regret it. Get to bed a little earlier so you can get up a little earlier. If you are already lacking sleep than start out in small increments and work you way up. Get up just 10 minutes earlier at first and use that time to do something you love. Not social media! Then increase your time from there. You can make it work. I have faith in you.

Happy hump day y'all! Hope the week is going well for you. Go on out there and be the badass I know you are. I'm here, cheering you on!

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