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The Beauty of Nature!

How often do you stop to take in the beauty all around you? It's especially easy to do in summer. There are flowers everywhere. Gardens with fresh fruit and vegetables. Sunrises and sunsets. Beautiful birds and their babies following along behind them. (I just got an adorable picture of a mama duck with her babies.) The feel of the sun on your face. Watching the dog run around having fun in the sun. The gathering of neighbors and friends celebrating life and companionship. The smell and sizzle of a burger on the grill. Is that last one too much? Just me? That's okay!

One of my favorite things to do is to enjoy my morning coffee on my porch while the sky lightens up and I can hear the birds calling to each other. It's a time where I don't bring my phone out so I can be one with nature. I take some time to wake up slowly and enjoy the show mother earth puts on each morning. I am lucky to live on the water so I see ducks floating by, fish jumping out out of the water and an early morning boat go by on their way to do some fishing. It's a time where I just try to be present and enjoy all that this life has to offer first thing in the morning. It's a time I want to be completely present in the moment.

If you just take the time to notice the things around you you will be amazed by how much beauty there is around all the time. The trick is to take the time to appreciate it. There are so many moments each day that we take completely for granted. As I'm sitting here right now, my dog Tucker, is sitting beside me and she is snoring away. Is this sound beautiful? Not necessarily but I always think it's funny when she snores and it makes me appreciate the fact that she is still here at nearly 15 years old and still healthy. I take a moment to be grateful for those snores.

Many people ask me why I still get up so early ( 5 am) since I don't have to be at an office or studio anymore. It's because I have spent most of my career waking up at the last possible minute, racing around the house to get ready and darting out the door. Now, I want to enjoy my mornings in a leisurely way. I want to sit out on the porch with my coffee and enjoy all that nature has to offer. I want to take my time to relax and write in my gratitude journal and go over my to-do list for the day. I want to watch the news and be informed. And I absolutely love my mornings. I wouldn't trade them for anything. If I can give on piece of advice today it is to get up just a little bit earlier (I know how hard this can be for some of you) and give yourself so time to relax and start your day in a calm way. For so many years I started my day with rushing, rushing, rushing and I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one. Most of you may still be doing the same thing. Try to carve out a tiny bit of time to just enjoy a cup of coffee, meditate maybe and set up your day. It's such a more calm, peaceful way to get your day started.

Surround yourself with flowers and things that you find beautiful. Go buy yourself a coffee mug that you absolutely adore and can't wait to use in the morning. Use a flavored coffee that you enjoy each day. I used to wait for the weekends to give myself treats (so to speak) like my favorite flavored coffee or a little extra creamer but I decided recently that life is too short to wait for the weekends. Make sure you are enjoying life every single day. That doesn't mean that everyday is a party and you can eat and drink everything you want. You have to follow a plan that is good for your health but there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a little something each day. Cream in your coffee. A little piece of chocolate after dinner. Anything that will brighten your day without doing too much damage to your health. And for goodness sake, start getting in some physical activity. It always boosts your mood!

As you drive to work notice all the flowers. Whether it be along the roadside, in front of people's homes or outside the office. It just takes a moment to think to yourself; "oh, they are so pretty. I'm so happy they are there for me to enjoy." Yes, it sounds corny. Yes, it makes you happier.

I'm convinced one of the main keys to making life happier for yourself is to stop taking things for granted, like the beauty of nature and taking the time to be present for this beauty. When you look for the good you will find more of it. So start looking. It's there...trust me. It's always been there. We just may not have always be able to see it.

If you like this episode please leave me a review or share a screenshot with your friends! If you think you may be taking too much for granted or have lost your way on how to appreciate the little things in life...shoot me a message at hopefulist1@gamail.com. I would love to work with you to help find your happiness. It's there...trust me. It's been waiting your whole life to be discovered and I can help you!

Thank you so much for tuning in. I hope this is a great week for you and as always be BADASS. I'm right here, cheering you on.

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