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The Bless of the Mess

Is there a blessing in this mess? Yes! Or course! To me, it's a recalibration of what brings you happiness. When we get stuck inside our four walls, we figure out what really brings us joy, contentment and peace. It's no longer about material things, keeping up with the Jone's and how good we look. It's about the small things that we look forward to every day. It's about the fact that we are healthy and surrounded by the ones we love. And in some cases it's back to survival mode, trying to keep up with our bills and finding money for food which strips things down in a whole different way.

The good news is a stimulus package is on its way to being passed and implemented and the majority of us will be getting a check soon from the government. That should definitely help if you have found yourself without any income. Meanwhile, again....Dave Ramsey's advice on what to do when you lost you job. Pay for these things first in this order. Food, utilities, shelter and transportation. Even those things can be negotiable right now. Pay what you can though because even if you get a payment deferred, you will eventually have to pay it. But food, heat and electricity are at the forefront of importance. Not only are the checks on the way but unemployment benefits are being raised and prolonged. (Lucky you! I've been on unemployment several times, the nature of my former career path, and I've never had benefits extended so this is a big deal.) With some of the financials getting in order you can hopefully relax a little.

If you are stuck at home (meaning you aren't deemed essential and thank goodness for those workers!) you are finding yourself with a new way of life. One that entails not leaving the house. One that has you spending a lot of time with family or completely on your own. How have you been handling it? Are you loving it or hating it? What can you do to make it better? It comes down to this, it really has always been about the small things. What are the things in your home that you can enjoy right now? No matter how small it is, relish it...look forward to it, embrace it with the enthusiasm of a four year old on Christmas morning.

Like what? Oh, I'm glad you asked. Lighting a candle, a long bath, a few moments outside on a warm, sunny day. Sit back and watch your children. Be in awe of them...you made them! Watch your pet for a little while and smile with gratitude that you have them in your life. I do this with Tucker all the time. I just watch her sleep, smile when she snores and give her a hard time when she toots! She brings me so much joy and I try to never take that for granted. Look around your home and how you've decorated it. Drink it in. Appreciate the aesthetic, feel pride in your skills. Cook a favorite meal...may I suggest lasagna. Put on some music and drift away. Read a good book, listen to podcasts...take an online course. Build up a skill you've always wanted to learn. Start up a hobby you've always been interested in.

Now, more than ever, we realize it is and always has been about the small things. Don't take them for granted. Appreciate them, embrace them, celebrate them! I hope you are finding some joy throughout your day. It's really what life is about (after survival, of course).

It's "I wish it were. cocktail Friday, Thursday" but you go ahead and have a cocktail today if you want. We have to give ourselves a little something extra in these days. Be it a cookie, a small treat or an adult beverage. The Hopefulist says it's okay! Now, go make today...your best day yet!

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