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The Greatest Love of your Life!

Yes, the greatest love of your life is you. Or it should be you and if it isn't then you will never feel truly happy, satisfied or fulfilled. I used to hear people say this all the time and thought it was such nonsense. But as it turns out it isn't nonsense at all. In fact, it is 100% accurate. You can't enjoy yourself and your life if you don't like yourself. That would be like going on vacation with someone you can't stand and expecting to have a good time. Now, doesn't that sound silly? Because it is!

So, the next big question is how can you possibly go about loving yourself when you may not like yourself...at all. I have been there. I would even go as far to say that I actively disliked myself. It was everything from my appearance, my weight, where I lived, how I acted, the thoughts that I had. You name it, I didn't like it.

You spend more time with yourself more than anyone so it's so important to love yourself. But how? First you have to make peace with yourself. You have to accept your flaws, realize they have served you in some way at some point and continue to improve in the areas you would like. Just like most things you have to start focusing on what you do like instead of what you don't like.

There are so many little things we do in fact like about ourselves but take for granted. I have great eye color. A lot of people have said they are my best feature. I have great fingernails. They are strong and look really nice so I make sure to take care of them. It took me a long time but once I finally embraced my curly hair I learned to love that too.

When it comes to personality traits I am extremely impatient, reactive, uptight, rash, judgmental, shallow and a whole host of other things. But I'm also ambitious, hard working, witty, friendly, outgoing and again, a whole host of other things. So start focusing on those things you do like. Remind yourself of them often. I mean everyday. Over and over again look for things about yourself that you like. Stop taking things like your health for granted. Be happy that you are healthy and your body does all you tell it to do.

Maybe you hate your car or where you live. Be grateful you have a house to keep you safe and warm and a car to get you where you need to go. I know, I know...I used to roll my eyes when people said stuff like that to me. But it's really true. 75% of the people in this world don't have one, let alone, both of those things. And are you consuming this on your smart phone or tablet? Then you get bumped up to the top 90% of the world most wealthiest. We have to stop taking so much for granted and start being grateful. Just being born in the country is a huge jackpot that too many of us take for granted.

Still having a hard time thinking this will work for you? Then I have great news. I am offering a free challenge that will focus on learning to love yourself. Yes, you can learn and I can help. It will be five days long and it will include all kinds of tidbits to start you on the path to loving the most important person in your life...YOU.

It's completely free! Yes, free! Join in with like minded people who want life to get better. Take advantage of the community and lean on them. We are all in this life together and this group will cheer each other on and lift each other up. It's time to stop waiting for your best life and start making it happen.

There will also be free prizes! Yay! Get all the details on my social media accounts. Once you sign up get ready to dig in and start that love affair. It will be the best thing you ever did for yourself!

What are you waiting for? Sign up now! Or shoot me an email at thehopefulist1@gmail.com with any questions you may have.

Please leave me a review or hit the subscribe or follow button on the podcast. And let your friends now about me and the free challenge coming up! I will be most grateful!

Now go have yourself a badass week. I'm always here cheering you on!

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