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The heart knows...

Remember the song; "Listen to your heart" by Roxette? I'm showing my age here but it was a great song and their biggest hit. It was truthful as well. Everything you need to know is already inside you. I know a lot of people roll their eyes and don't want to hear this spiritual crap but if you choose to tap into it and believe its possible, your life can change for the better.

In the book; "The Alchemist" the main character is getting closer to his true legend and to his promised treasure but he's starting to feel afraid. The line quoted above is what the alchemist tells him. He says the heart does get afraid but it will never lead you astray. We've all had those feelings that warn us of impending doom. We have a feeling deep in the pit of our stomach that something is about to go down. I had that feeling when I lost my last job. You tend to shrug it off because it's not something you want to be true and something you definitely don't want to deal with. But what's going to happen is going to happen unless you can find a way to stop it. But my point is, I think we know the difference between fear of the unknown and a feeling that something that is about to go terribly wrong. We just know the difference inside. Let it guide you.

Part of the greatness of this book is the fact that this Sheppard sold his flock and started a whole different way of life just on the promise of fulfilling his true legend (and promise of treasure). He had many slip ups along the way. He almost gave up a number of times but forged ahead. He kept going to no matter the obstacles in his way. He was afraid at times. He was discouraged and disheartened a number of times. He felt hopeless and out of options at times, but he kept it up.

He also had help along the way. He didn't get all the way to his finding his personal legend alone. He met many people along the way that added value to his life. He learned many things that he never would have learned if he had stayed a Sheppard. He also enhanced the lives of those he met. His path took him of course many times but always led him back to where he was supposed to be. Some would call that trusting in the process. Follow your heart. It knows what it is doing. You just have to listen to it. That is probably the biggest hurdle in todays world. I encourage you to take some time every day where you can sit quietly and just be. Some would call it meditation. I don't think you have to sit in a specific position and try to clear your mind completely. But let it roam. Let your thoughts go where they may and see what you come up with. Seriously, find a couple of moments every day. I know you're busy and I know it will be hard BUT this is your life and your happiness we are trying to bring to the surface.

As I've been going down my path I feel like so many people are living their lives like robots. It seems like so many of us are just going through the motions. Is it just me or do you feel that way too? It makes me feel sad. It looks like so many people are just going day to day to get to the next week to do the same day to day. I am a fan of routine as much as the next person but let it be something that we really love. I know life can't be one big party all the time but shouldn't it be as enjoyable as possible? We all get caught up in what we have to do that we let that overtake what we want to do. If you are in that position right now, figure out a way to get out of it.

As time goes on we see more and more options in this world. So many people are working from home now. There are ways to make money online whether it be working from your computer or selling things. You can make stuff and sell it. Or write stuff and sell it. If you aren't happy or satisfied with your daily grind put some serious thought into what you can do to enjoy your days more.

I'm going to talk more about the amazing story of the Sheppard and the Alchemist tomorrow. I hope you join me. It's already hump day! Let's go be basses today. And make today, your best day yet!

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