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The Joy of chasing a dream!

What is your dream? Do you even know? Do you ever put any thought into it anymore? In most of our lives we are meant to do/be/have so much more than we settle for. When is the last time you jumped out of bed and couldn’t wait to get the day started? Can you fathom that happening at all in the near future?

Here is the thing about chasing a dream. You have to just go for it. You have to decide this is the time and you are going to do what is needed this time to achieve it. In all likelihood you have had opportunities to go after your dreams for a long time and you’ve been too busy to do anything. You think you don’t have enough money or there are already too many things on your plate. You have brushed it off so many times that you often don’t even see that doors are opening for you to walk through into your dream life all the time. You just have to stay still enough to notice and then take action. It will be tough at times and you will probably work harder than ever before. But you will also feel more joy than ever before. You will feel more excited than ever before. You will feel more accomplished than ever before. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

I had been thinking about doing a podcast for a number of years. I had toyed around with the idea but never gave it any serious consideration. I have also always loved Oprah and how she sends positivity into the world helping people every single day. I thought maybe I could be someone that does that. But then I would talk myself out of it because there already is an Oprah. And then I discovered Rachel Hollis whom you all know I love. And I thought…okay, she took over for Oprah…clearly there is no room for me. Guess what, I was just giving myself excuses. I have my own message that may be similar to others but nobody can tell my story. I said to myself; self, you know you have something different from these people. You are a reformed pessimist. You figured out how to change your life around from feeling like a victim to making all your dreams come true. You know it can be done and you know how to do it. This is something people want to hear! Yes, my story. There is a little bit of arrogance in statements like these but I don’t mean it that way. I just know that if I can change from a pessimist to a Hopefulist…I can help others do it too. And hopefully, it won’t take others as long as it took me!

In actuality, this door had been open for quite some time. I just didn’t notice it. When I lost my job, I had to think about what was going to come next for me. I had already started my blog because the Pink song “A million dreams” had already inspired me to do more than I was. At this point all I had to do was figure out how to expand on it. I knew I wanted to get my message out and the thought of doing a podcast came back to me. All the pieces fell together and I knew this was my time. It is now or never! I’m going to go for it. I have nothing to lose at this point except a couple of bucks investment. I have a ton of experience broadcasting and I know that my life story can help others. The door had been open for some time…I just finally walked through it.

It hasn’t been easy. I worry a lot about all kinds of things. It is work. I love it but I still have a schedule to keep and research to find different things that I want to cover. I read books about goal setting and building a podcast business. I listen to similar podcasts to mine to see if I am on the right track. There has been a lot of unchartered territory for me in this endeavor and it has been downright scary at times. But I have forged ahead. And I will continue to do so. You know why? Because this has been the happiest, most exciting time of my life. I get up everyday looking forward to putting together my stories and topics for the day. I love writing, broadcasting and asking your opinion of things. There is so much excitement to see the number of people liking my Facebook page grow. More people are following me on Instagram and people are requesting to join my Facebook group page. And the very best is when I get personal messages from those who listen and tell me how much I touched them that day with something that I said. That is the real reason I am doing this. I want to help you. If you have had some of the same issues I have had through the years I want to get you to where I am. Living a great life; healthy and happy!

So look around you. Is there a door that has been open for awhile? Something that keeps nudging at you and you keep ignoring it? Stop doing that! Pay attention to what the universe is trying to tell you. It’s not easy…it’s hard work and really scary at times. But oh, so worth it! Trust me.

It’s finally Cocktail Friday! Grab yourself an adult beverage. Have a fantastic weekend and be safe in whatever you. And as always, make it your best day yet!

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