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The Joy of paying bills!

Don't you just hate when it's time to pay the bills. Ugh...all the money we worked so hard for going out the window. But what if we looked at the process a little differently? Is it something we don't mind or even enjoy? We can decide how we feel about the process. It's true. If perception is reality then intention is perception. What I mean is...we can choose how we feel about any activity. We can choose to dread it or we choose to enjoy it. If you think about it a little differently you may find that paying your bills does some pretty good things for you.

When you sit down to do your bills think about the service you get in exchange for that money. Is it your power bill? We just recently lost our power for over 12 hours and it made me realize how important it is and how much we take it for granted. I will gladly hand over my money for something that keeps the lights on, provides wifi, keeps my food cold and keeps me cool or warm. How about the phone bill? All those texts that keep you in touch with your loved ones? That's worth it, right? Cable...all that entertainment and news to keep you informed. The car payment. Seriously, what would you do without your car? How inconvenient would life be without the luxury of a car and the insurance that goes with it. Your mortgage? Most likely your highest bill...it provides you with the most basic necessity is there is...shelter. Is it possible to think about and appreciate the services you get in exchange for the money you are handing over? What would your life look like if you didn't have these products and services in your life?

Another thing we can enjoy about paying bills is the fact that we have the money to do it. Of course there are other things we would rather spend our money on but if it wasn't important, you likely wouldn't be paying for it. Right? Have you ever noticed when you come into some unexpected money...like a bonus at work or a gift from someone....something breaks down and you need to get something? It's frustrating at first. If you're like me you react with "Oh, and here I thought I would have a little something extra." BUT at least you have money to go toward or cover the added expense. it makes it had to get ahead but at least you aren't behind like you would have been if you hadn't come into that money.

The other thing you can enjoy about paying bills is once it's paid, you are done for a whole month. You don't have to worry about it anymore or put it off. It's done. And you get to enjoy the service for another month without worry. It's a small thing but when combined with the other aspects it can really help the process become more enjoyable.

We all hate to part with our hard earned money but some things are worth it. Concentrate on what you are getting in exchange for that money and it will be an easier process. One that may be an opportunity to be grateful for all you have in your life.

Oh, it's "I wish it were cocktail Friday" Thursday. One more day to the freaking weekend! Another podcast tomorrow but feel free to download one of the other 300 plus episode in the meantime or check out Hopefulist.com. Now, Go on out there and be a badass today. You know I'm cheering you on.

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