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The Kindness of strangers

Have you ever had a compliment from a stranger make your day? Yeah, me too! It's something so simple yet something we so rarely do. It's so easy to just float a compliment to someone in an elevator or waiting in line. It should be heartfelt so if you see something you like, go ahead, shout it out!

I often tell people I don't know things I like about them. Whether it be their bag, shoes, coat, nails, whatever. Don't make something up but when you do see something, say something. I chased a woman down at our community Christmas tree lighting to tell her how much I loved her coat and ask where she got it. She was thrilled to give me the information and tell me what a great deal she got on it. Obviously I had an ulterior motive here. I wanted that coat which I was never able to find but she didn't mind answering my questions because she appreciated how much I loved her coat.

I've talked about before how I an over tipper. I consider this part of my charitable donations. As a former server I know what a really good tip can do for my day and I love to return the favor from when someone did that for me. I also remember clearly tipping a gas station attendant a few years back on Christmas Eve. I live in New Jersey where we do not pump our own gas (thank goodness) so it's not unusual to get our gas pumped for us and no where really tips for it. But I did a few years back on Christmas Eve when I had to gas up on my way to visit family. I clearly remember seeing his face light up as I gave him a couple bucks. He probably hasn't thought of it since but it has been bringing me joy for a couple of years now.

It's also good to slow down once in awhile and see if anyone could use some help. Is there a woman struggling to get that shopping cart out of the corral? Or maybe someone needs some help grabbing something off a high shelf at the store. My husband is 6'4 and he said he's asked a lot by short ladies to grab something for them off a tall shelf. If you see someone struggling with something, offer to help if you can. Hold the door for someone. Let someone in line in front of you. Slow down a little and let people cross the street in front of you. It's something that takes so little time but can make a difference in how we spread kindness in this world. Be a super spreader!

As you go through this weekend think about a few things that would offer more kindness into the world. It's even better if you don't know them. But it's great if you do. And a little bonus is that when you offer kindness, it usually comes back to you.

It's the weekend and one week from Christmas! Who's excited?? ME!!!! I love Christmas! Have a fantastic weekend and please be safe in whatever you do. Happy cocktail Friday y'all! Now go out there and be badass. I'm right here, cheering you on.

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