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The other side of social media

Yesterday we were talking about how draining social media can be. How it can bring you down and make you feel bad about your life and yourself. But there is another side to social media. A side that can inspiring and motivational...and sometimes, just fun. I made a collage of some of the accounts I follow. The top three are Facebook groups and the rest are Instagram accounts.

Missing from my list of favorites is Ms. Rachel Hollis but she has been off social lately due to personal issues but she is my favorite. I hope she comes back soon. All these accounts are intended to encourage you and motivate you to do what it takes to live a better life. They hold you accountable for your own life while pushing you to do more for ultimate happiness and satisfaction. Or addressing things from your past that are holding you back. There is no negativity here. Just hard questions that sometimes need to be asked in order to move forward in life.

My favorite on this list is Brendon Burchard. He is a motivational speaker, author, coach and invented the high performance habits brand. Brendon is all about building habits for ultimate success. I use his daily planner and have his books. His account is always full of amazing information to move your life forward in a positive direction.

Trent Shelton I discovered while attending my Rise business conference last year. He goes about speaking in a different way. He isn't all rah-rah like most are. He talks very candidly but in his soft spoken way while still getting all his points across.

Mel Robbins is a life coach and I love her raw authenticity. She is someone who shows up in her posts and videos with no make-up and tells it like it is. She has posted videos from her in bed saying it's one of those days and she can't seem to get started. We all have those days and it's refreshing to see those we look up to going through the same types of things we do.

I just discovered the holistic psychologist. A lot of celebrities follow her. I have only been following her for about a week but so far, I have loved what I see on her account.

I just started following Jen Hatmaker as well. She also tells is like it is and has a self deprecating sense of humor. She is married to a preacher and has a billion kids (5, I think) and gets real about how tough things can be at times while always looking forward. She's fun yet informative.

I also included Pawup which is an account created by Ellen Degeneres for cute pet videos. It's full of cuteness, fun and laugh out loud moments. Because if we can't have fun on social media, what is the point????

Make your social media account work for you. Get rid of the negative and fill your feed with positive, encouraging messages. Follow people you admire because of the work they do...not because of the car they drive or how they dress.

Oh, and I hope you are following the Hopefulist! It's on Facebook as a page and group. Also on IG all under, the Hopefulist.

It's hump day already people. What are you going to do with your Wednesday? Whatever it is...make it badass. You know I'm cheering you on!

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