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The Power of Imagination

Is this a house you would like to live in? Speaking for myself I would say "oh, shell yeah!" Whatever you dream of for yourself, find a picture of it. Put it up on a wall and look at it everyday. But more than, imagine yourself there everyday.

Imagine waking up in the bed inside the house. Going into the kitchen to make a fresh cup of coffee and walking out onto that dock to enjoy the scenery while sipping. Imagine what the house looks like on the inside. How is it decorated? What are on the walls? What does the furniture look like? How big are the windows? Is there a view out there that you can't wait to experience everyday? Imagine your bathroom...is there a stand up shower or a huge tub you can soak in? Where do you get dressed? Do you have one of those walk in dressing rooms like the Kardashian's? How will the experience of getting dressed in there everyday, having the pick of anything you want to choose from feel?

Imagine the kitchen and cooking in it. What type of oven and fridge do you have? Is there an amazing island that you can use for all your prep work? Or do you have someone that cooks for you? Imagine sitting in the living room with a cocktail waiting for dinner to be announced.

When you imagine the life you desire you are signaling the universe that you are ready to receive. I know it sounds silly but it's true. Try it and see if it works. You have nothing to lose and this amazing house to gain. Don't get me wrong, it will take more than imagining it. It will take the kind of work it requires to achieve such a home but your imagination will make it come to fruition sooner. When you imagine you also come up with ideas on how to get there. You don't have to have all the answers right now. Just imagine and let your mind wander about how your future life will look. The ideas and information you need to make it happen will come to you if you are listening.

The power of imagination works with everything. Do you want to lose some weight? Imagine yourself at your goal weight. Imagine how you look, what clothes you will wear, how you will smile wider in those pictures. Imagine all the things you will do once the weight comes off and how you will look doing them. Images are a powerful source of energy. Use them to your advantage. You can make all your dreams come true by living as if they are already here in your imagination.

It's cocktail Friday y'all! I hope you get a chance to grab an adult beverage later today. Have a fantastic week and be safe in whatever you do. Go look at some Christmas lights! Oh and of course, be badass. I'm cheering you on!

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