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The power of journaling

I'm obsessed with notebooks. I collect them. When I find one I like I will get several of them. I used to save them because they were so cute or nice or whatever. Isn't that silly? You may have done it too. It's okay. When we learn better, we do better. Break out those notebooks and start using them for everything. A great thing to use them for is journalling. I have kept a journal on and off for years. This is something different than a gratitude journal. It's just a place to write things out to work through things in my head or address problems I may be having. It's amazing how much better you can feel after a little time writing out your feelings.

I have found that I spend more time writing in my journal when I'm going through a tough time. It really helps me sort through things and come up with solutions or even just how I want to play certain situations. Just sit down and start writing about whatever it is that is bothering you. As you write you come up with different scenario's and ways to handle situations. The more you write...the more potential solutions you can come up with.

There is also the choice to keep a record of your life. I have also tried to do this off and on through my life but I always give up on it. I really admire people who keep a record for their whole lives. That is real commitment. I haven't even attempted one in a few years. It's a shame really because there is nothing more interesting than your own diary! It's so cool to go back and read all the cool stuff you've done. All the friends and family you see and spend time with. There really is so much you forget as time passes by. I urge you to try to do it for a least a little while. I will attempt to start up again as well.

You can keep an online journal if that is more your speed but I urge to try writing. These is something really powerful about putting pen to paper. It helps it stick better. You remember more of what you are doing. I believe you think more critically. Personally, when I'm typing I sometimes just go into automatic mode because typing is so methodical. It's not that I don't think about what I'm writing, I just feel like I have more time to explore other options/solutions because it takes longer to write things out. I can type so fast I can't really ever go off on a tangent that can be very beneficial. Get what I'm saying?

If you haven't ever journaled, give it a go. It can be so enlightening. I've come up with things while writing that never even dawned on me before I sat down. It gives you a chance to really think about things and the power of moving from one possible solution to another. Or one realization to another.

It's hump day. How are you do with your weekly goals so far this week? Do a check in. Now, go out there and be a badass. You now I'm cheering you on.

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