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The Starting Point

Still feeling stuck when it comes to figuring out what you love? Take some time and sit quietly with no distractions. Just let you mind wander to some of your favorite times in your life. Were you on an adventure? Taking a trip? Working on a project? Or are you happiest just being with your family and taking care of them?

Whatever it is…you can find more ways to do it. And you need to do it as often as humanly possible. This is how you find your joy and live in bliss. I love the word bliss. It just represents the ultimate in happiness to me. In fact, when I am sitting out on my deck soaking up the sun and a neighbor powers up a tool of some kind, starts their boat and guns the engine a bunch of times or there is construction on a house near by I always complain to my husband by saying…they are destroying my bliss!

Think back to your childhood. Is there something you did back then that was so much fun? Maybe you were into dancing. You can still go out dancing at places all over if that is what you enjoy. There doesn’t have to be a point other than for your own enjoyment. Go see live music. Maybe try writing some music. Don’t know how? Then learn! Or just write some lyrics and see if someone can help you set it to music. It’s all for fun and your enjoyment. Who cares if nothing ever comes out of it. It’s the process of creating and enjoying the ride that matters.

I know the above says to disconnect from social media but that can be a great tool in finding what makes you light up. Pay attention to what your friends are doing. Are they posting pictures of themselves having the best time? More than likely, yes. What are they doing? Is it something you can try? Is it something you already know you love but don’t do it nearly often enough?

Are your friends hitting the shore every weekend in the summer? Is that something you could join in on? Can you find a rental for you and your family for a good chunk in the summer? Can you go in on a rental with another family? Can you get a group of friends together to go in on a house?

Do you see people playing tennis? Is this something that interests you? Grab a racket and find someone to bat a ball around with. They just put a pickle ball court in our neighborhood and people are excited! I’m not sure what it’s all about yet but I’m definitely interested and want to start playing. Maybe I will hate it. There is only one way to find out.

Do you love to cook and experiment with new dishes? I’m sure you can find a lot of people to test out those new recipes. Is it something even simpler like loving coffee? There are so many flavors and strengths…get yourself a variety pack of all different blends and see which one you like the most. And then stock up on it. Drink it everyday! Or save it for the weekends as a special treat.

Do you love flowers like I do? Then go out and get some of the prettiest ones you see. Bring them home and nourish them and help them grow to the best, most beautiful flowers you have ever seen. Do you like freshly grown vegetables? Then grow those too. I am on my fifth year trying to grow my own tomatoes. I will figure out what I am doing wrong one of these years and will have a wonderful bounty of tomatoes. I want to be the person in the neighborhood where I have so many…I supply all the neighbors with what they need as well. Hopefully this will be the year. I added basil to my garden this year. So far, so good.

Just keep searching for what brings you joy. And then do it as often as you can. And once you find something don’t stop looking for new things. We are always changing and so are our interests. You can lose interest in something and pick up something new. I encourage it. Find as many things as possible to be interested in. The more you do what you love the more you love your life!

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