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The time is now! Let's do this!

Once you decide you want to make a change the next step is to figure out when to start. We feel like we need to gear up, get prepared and get our motivation just right. Here's a big secret. There is no time like the present. Just get started. The sooner you start, the faster your discipline and dedication will start getting into shape.

Do you need to get your house in order? Start picking things up right away. Just put a few things away or toss items in the trash. Just do a few things and that will give you momentum. It will spur you to do more. You don't have to do everything in one shot. Do whatever you can when you have a few free minutes. Give up one half hour t-v show and dedicate that time to sorting, clearing and cleaning. Once you get it most of it cleaned up...come up with a plan to keep it that way. Everything has to have a place. If you don't have a spot for mail...make a spot and sort through it every couple of days or once a week. My tip is to go through the junk mail right away. Throw that crap out immediately. You know you will never read it. Just get rid of it.

Are you trying to tackle a creative project? Do you want to do some writing, drawing or painting? Get up a little earlier to dedicate some time to it. Or make some time before bed. It's the same with arts and crafts projects, musical endeavors or taking on a new hobby. Treat your new project as something you can't wait to do everyday. Take for example, when you get a new car. You don't wait to gear yourself up to drive it. You don't keep putting it off waiting for a better time to get behind the wheel. You can't wait to drive that bad boy. When you want to start something new, dive right in! I got some pickle ball paddles earlier this summer and I made arrangements to play right away. Then I sprained my ankle and haven't been able to play all summer. I know, poor me. Thank you. I'm going to give it another go in a week or so. I hope I'm ready. But we tend to put so much pressure on ourselves when it comes to new goals and projects. Nothing has to be perfect. Just get going. Clear a couple things off the table. Write a few words that you've been thinking about. Put a couple musical notes on paper to start that song. It's a start and it only gets better from there.

When it comes to eating habits and working out we always tend to want to start at the beginning of a fresh week (at least I do). But we don't have to wait to start making small changes that will eventually make a big difference. I have always had a bad habit of being on a diet or off a diet. I still struggle with that mentality on weekends and such. I tend to think if it's not one my healthy eating days I may as well eat as much of the bad stuff as I can. I have to stop doing that. I'm making progress and coming along. There is no need to overeat just because you feel you have permission to do so. Just deduct one unhealthy thing a day or add one healthy item a day. It's a start. And as I've been saying, it's truly the small steps that make the most traction. And there really is no reason to wait until a Monday to start a workout routine. Even if it's just going for a walk, a bike ride or taking the kayak out. If you are able to go to the gym, then just go. They are typically open 7 days a week. Start out small and then do more and more.

There is no reason to wait. Putting things off is just an excuse and I'm calling you on it. What is you want to do that you keep putting off? Why are you putting it off? What is the story you are telling yourself about this particular thing? We are usually afraid of something that doesn't even turn out to be a factor. So get going. Do the doing. And see all the progress. Tomorrow, we talk about habits.

It's "I wish it were cocktail Friday" Thursday. Hope you are having a good week. Do just one thing today that starts you toward your goal or project. Now, you are well on your way. Now, go out there and be your badass self. I'm cheering you on!

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