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Thinking of others during coronavirus

We're at the point where even if you aren't taking the coronavirus seriously, your life is being affected. As of yesterday, just about everything that isn't considered essential is closed. All dine in restaurants are closed, gyms are closed, hair salons are closed (thank goodness I got my touch up in last week!) casino's are closed, movie theaters are closed. Even Bath and Body Works is closed...you know it just got real!

Why are they doing all this? Because people aren't taking this virus seriously. People are still going about their lives like nothing is going on. Whether or not you think this will affect you or not it's wise to take the advice of social distancing. If you are still going into crowds then you don't know how close you have been to a possible exposure. Just stop. There are people who are testing positive for the virus who have no symptoms but they are a carrier. Which of course means, they can give it to others without even knowing they have it. Can't we all just stay home for a little while. It won't kill us. It may drive us crazy but it won't kill us. Take the extra time to relax, decompress, get some things on the house to-do list done. Check on your neighbors and see if they are okay. Help out someone who may not be able to help themselves. But for goodness sake, stop going out when you don't have to. You don't know what you are exposing yourself to or what others are getting from you. Like I said, if you aren't worried about you...great. Think about others though. We've already had three fatalities here in New Jersey with about 178 infected. And it is just the beginning.

The whole point of social distancing is to stop the spread of the disease. You're being asked to stay home for a few weeks in order to save lives. Is that really too much to ask? We all have to go out from time to time to get food and supplies but other than that...stay put. Find things to do at home. There really is a lot to do. It's for the safety of all of us.

Also, keep in mind how on edge people are. It's a crazy time and we don't really know what to expect or what comes next so emotions are high. Try not to worry too much about the unknown but do what you can to ease your own mind. But remember that people are upset and rightly so. Just try to take it easy. Don't rush to judgements. Let things go. Try not to let little things bother you. We're all in this together. Let's help each other.

It's taco Tuesday but also St. Patricks Day! What are you having for dinner tonight? Tacos or corned beef and cabbage? Me? I'm having chicken...as usual! Be careful today. Don't get too crazy and try to make today, your best day yet!

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