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Time for a new job!

Have you ever been let go from a job? Maybe it happened recently with Covid. You are on your own again and it feels very scary. Hopefully you have some type of income, be it unemployment, stimulus funding or severance pay. Aside from the financial concerns is the emotional toll it may take on you. So many of us associate our identities with our work so when we have to leave we feel aimless, lost and depressed.

After proper grieving from the loss, realize this is a chance to start fresh somewhere new. You can do whatever you want now. Is there an area you have always wanted to explore but didn't have the chance? Now you do! Or maybe you are finding that you aren't as upset that you thought you would be to not have to show up for work. The good news is there is a lot of at home offerings now. Figure out something that will work best for you and your schedule then search for it. There are all types of possibilities around now and hopefully you will have a bit of a cushion to find something you really want to do.

Another option is to move your career in a totally different direction. Look into your state services and see if it's possible to take courses for a whole new career. Maybe something that isn't so dependent on the economy. It may take you a little while to get though school but if it is career you can get years out of it will be worth it. Put some serious thought into it. What is it you would really like to do. Don't let the time it will take you sway your decision. As long as you have the financial resources, the time will pass anyway so make sure to go after what you really want. We spend so much time at our jobs...make sure it is a place you want to be every day.

Or you can explore going into business for yourself. I know that seems outrageous for some. I had never had any desire to have my own business but the way things panned out for me it seemed like the best option. It's taking awhile to get things going but I'm figuring finances out as I go. And don't get me wrong....if there comes a day I need money I will go get a job somewhere in order to pay my bills. But until that day comes, I'm giving this business all I've got. I decided very quickly to go off on my own after I left my last job on bad terms. I felt I had been treated badly and I really didn't want to put myself in a position for that to happen again. Meanwhile, I had just started exploring the whole personal development space and was writing a blog I called "The Hopefulist". It seemed like an idea I could work with and make a whole brand.

When it comes to starting over it can be overwhelming. You may be bogged down in what happened and why you are out of a job. As we talked about yesterday, sometimes we will never find the why. The faster you can get over that need to know why the faster you will succeed somewhere else. Try to put it behind you. I know it's hard. Trust me...I know. But it's time to look forward, not back. This is why the rear view mirror in a car is so small while the windshield is so big. You need a much bigger view of where you are going than where you are coming from. Make sure the next job will be something that can help bring a little joy into your life every day.

It's Tuesday! Already? Grab a taco and make it a fiesta! Now go out there and be badass. You know I'm cheering you on!

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