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Time for a reward!

How have you been doing with your resolutions/goals/new habits? If you have been kicking ass and taking names, then it is time for a reward. One of the things that will keep our momentum going is to take the time to celebrate the changes we are making. A little treat to show yourself how badass you are.

Make sure your reward doesn't undo the work you have put in though. Such as indulging in a super fattening meal. Maybe a tiny cupcake or a small piece of chocolate. Make yourself your favorite healthy meal. But even better is a non food related treat. Get your nails done. Buy a new candle. Splurge for those boots you've been eyeing. Drive out of your way to walk along an area with an amazing view.

If you've been working on getting out of that snooze habit don't reward yourself with a snooze one day. The goal is to never hit the snooze again! Reward yourself by turning the alarm off altogether on a day you can do that. Luxuriate in the linens while waking up on your own. Snuggle with the dog. Cuddle with your honey. Grab your coffee and get back into bed. Make sure your reward is something that will not deter you from the amazing path you are currently on.

If you've been keeping up with all your workouts take one day to be a total lug. Line up those shows to binge watch, order all your meals in and stay in your pj's all day. Or take glory in the fact that you have more energy and stamina by doing something you've always wanted to do. Go horseback riding, play pickleball, give snow tubing a shot or head to a skating ring to take a whirl.

Taking the time to reward yourself for your accomplishments are so important. You deserve a little extra for all your hard work. Take the time to celebrate you! Because what's better than you? A new and improved you who lives life on her own terms, doesn't let others hold her back and keeps the promises she makes to herself. Yes, that's you!

It's Thursday! One more day to the weekend! Find something to spoil yourself with for all your hard work. You deserve it! Now go out there and continue being badass. I'm here, cheering you on!

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