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I'm finding it very hard to concentrate these last few days. Since the announcement of the reversal of Roe V. Wade I have been consumed. Consumed with watching others opinions and take on it. Consumed with research on what this decision is really about. And what it means for not only all women but which civil rights they are targeting next.

I have tried for the past three years to stay out of politics on this platform but that is no longer possible. As someone who empowers women to take control of their lives so they can live life better and live their best lives this is a devastating development. The ramifications of this are far-reaching. And it's only just the beginning. Just Clarence Thomas has already said that the same reasoning they used to overturn Roe V. Wade can be used to overturn legal gay marriages and start regulating contraception. So if that is the case what is this really all about. I'll tell you what it's about. It's about putting Men...mostly white men back into the position of power and making all the decisions that are best for their lives. Giving them the power to potentially outlaw anything they don't agree with. So even if you do agree with the overturning of Roe V. Wade they are setting it up to strike down any liberties they don't agree with. So I hope you have the exact same ideology as they majority of the Supreme Court.

As I said, I tried not to alienate people with talking politics but I can't stand by that anymore. And if you have different beliefs than me I'm sorry but I must stand and speak my piece. I would hate to see you unfollow or stop listening to the podcast because I love you all so much for supporting me and allowing me to be a small part of your lives but I do understand if you feel you can't listen to this. But this decision is one that will affect everyone's lives but especially those of women. And even more especially those of poor women who don't have the means to travel across many states to obtain a safe, legal abortion. Who are now in a position to have to take time off from work, find the money and time to travel and a place to stay while they recover. They may also have a family that already depends on them and have to find a way to take care of their children while they are traveling across multiple states to do something that should be every woman's right. To choose what they do with their body and what is right for their life at that moment. To not have to put their life on hold for 9 months because they are stuck in a situation where they can't get away to get an abortion. Why is it okay for a woman to be expected to put nine months of their lives on hold for something they don't want and don't want to carry? Please answer me that one question. How can this ever be okay in the United States of America? Home of the free? Yeah, I'm not feeling it.

I found a video with Jane Elliot talking about a book that was written in 1987 called the Birth Dearth by Ben Watternburg. This man was an advisor to several Presidents and in the book he talks about how the white majority is diminishing and will continue to and what to do about it. In a nutshell, he found the only way to bring more white babies into the country was to stop white women, who make up 60% of abortions at that time, from having them. Then it would flood the country with more white babies and white people may be able to hold onto their majority status in the country. So, what does that tell you ladies. That tells me that we white women, especially are being used to satisfy an agenda. We are being used. Of course it affects everyone because you can't say only white women can't obtain an abortion so the rule is for everyone. But don't be mistaken, that is who they want to have babies. White babies. Not mixed babies, not black and brown babies, not babies who turn out to be gay. These have to be babies that will grow up to be exactly how they want them to be, which is to say, to be exactly like them.

I can't help but think in this day and age in 2022 we are still holding women and only women accountable for having sex. It's always been okay and even expected for men to have sex. To have lots of sex. I have even heard people say that men have a biological urge to spread their seed as much as possible. And that's find and okay in this country. It always has been. It was the women who needed to keep their legs crossed. It was women who were considered less wholesome and disrespected if they had the gall to have sex for pleasure. But that was a long time ago. Oh wait. I guess not. It seems to me that women who have the audacity to have sex for pleasure they are still being judged and held accountable for any consequences that act may have. It's your fault if you get yourself pregnant. It's the risk you took when you had the audacity to have a little pleasure in your life. How dare you have sex! Even if you're married and find yourself in a situation you don't want to be in. You now are stuck having to travel and go to great expense to take care of a situation that doesn't affect anyone else's life but your own and your family. But hey, they need more white babies in this country.

I finally get why black sports figures started kneeling during the national anthem. It wasn't because they disrespected the people who fought for this country. The flag represents what this country is all about and I can't get behind it right now. I feel like my country has turned its back on me and all the women in this country. They have decided that we are't entitled to make decisions that will affect our lives and our livelihoods. I would love to see the government dictate how a man has to live for nine months and see how that goes over. I'm not okay with the America that started on Friday, June 24 2022. That I will not celebrate. That I will not stand with pride next to. And I will not celebrate July 4th as I have in the past because I don't feel like I have freedom in this country. I feel like I've had a muzzle put over me and I can't get up. I feel like I have stepped into the past and this country is moving in a direction the majority of people don't favor. That's right. It's not about us and what we want. It's about the people in power. It always has been and it's getting harder to overcome that after Friday's decision.

Black people have been treated like their lives don't matter in this country for a long time. I get it now. I have been paying attention. Sadly it only started after George Floyd was mercilessly murdered that I realized something was very wrong in this country when it came to the treatment of black people. That is why they don't want to salute the flag. Because the country doesn't represent them and their needs. Nor their rights. To life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I'm with you now. I'm with you.

And the saddest part is I still see people who defend what that cop did that day when he snuffed the life out of a man over a counterfeit $20 bill. They say he should have listened to police. They say he was a drug addict who had a long list of run ins with the police. Are they actually justifying that because of those things he deserved the death penalty because that is exactly what happened. And these same people who call the death of Ashli Babbitt, the woman killed on January 6th 2021 when she attempted to break in and enter a window of the Capitol Building, murder. I've seen people say that she was brutally murdered that day. First of all, would they be saying that if she were breaking into the window of their home? And secondly, what is the difference between her and George Floyd? She is white. That is the only difference they can make stick. Because they were both in the progress of a crime when they were killed. Why is it murder when Ashli was killed but George had it coming? Please explain the difference to me.

This one decision has put so much of our freedom and the right to live life as we see best for ourselves on the line. And if you don't get that yet just put in a little more research into the ramifications of this one decision. It can potentially change everything and life as you know it is radically different. And will continue that way in the coming months, years and decades. All those women for fought for our rights will have done it for nothing if we don't stand up now and fight to get them back.

I will get back to the specifics of how to live your life better and live your best life. I just needed to get this out and let you know that if we women don't have the right to choose for ourselves then it will be very difficult to take control and direct our lives in the direction you choose. So I beg of you to do what you can. I beg of you to get involved. I beg of you to vote in politicians who will protect a woman's right to choose.

So far I have joined a national Planned Parenthood group to be kept abreast of rallies and protests taking place. I have donated money to their cause. And I will do much more in the coming weeks. I will do whatever is necessary so women have the choice in how to live their lives. Your best life.

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