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Time to get uncomfortable.

Change is the one constant in our life. And most of the time, we are very uncomfortable with change. We don't like it. Most of the time we see it as bad but if can often be changes for the good. But we often don't start new change because it always seems uncomfortable. Here is a huge secret...the faster you embrace change, the faster you will thrive in life.

There are some things that will hopefully always be a constant. But if this pandemic has shown us anything, it's how fast our how world can change overnight...quite literally. How have you handled all the changes forced upon us these last two months? Keeping in mind that something like this is possible and can happen again, how can you move forward in a way that it doesn't hit you as hard next time? What can you do differently to make money? How is your health? Were you extremely worried about getting the virus? Can you start improving your health so you don't feel so susceptible next time? What are some of the things you actually enjoyed about quarantine? What of those things can you keep incorporating in your life? What did you hate? How can you reduce the likelihood of having to face that again?

Change can be hard. But it can also be exciting, thrilling and life altering in the best ways. I was distraught when I lost my radio job last year. But I'm loving my new life now. But I used to hate change. I would literally say things like...why am I always having to challenge myself and what is wrong with a comfort zone? I thought that is why we worked so hard so we could get to a place where we didn't have to do that anymore. But now I realize that it's the challenges that keep life interesting, exciting and fulfilling. When we are comfortable, we get bored. And boredom leads to unhappiness. We have to keep learning, growing and getting better. If we aren't, then we are likely getting worse. And probably dying a little each day. It's the new things we look forward to the most, am I right? And part of the reason why we constantly need new challenges is the thrill of what we have already achieved wears out pretty quickly.

I've been dying to tell this story for some time. I've been taking an online course through Yale and in the professor talks about how quickly new things become boring to you. She uses the example to her students about the euphoria they felt when they found out they had been accepted to Yale. She says, you likely danced around, called everyone you knew and couldn't wait to get started. She asks them if they wake up every morning with that same sort of enthusiasm when they are heading to class. No, of course not. It's the same with a new job. When you first get that job offer you are likely super psyched and can't wait to get there. That doesn't usually last too long though. That is why its important to try to move around at your company and get promotions to things don't get stale.

Change is the one thing that will continue to happen for the rest of your life. And it's in every aspect of your life. Fashions change, home interior trends change, technology changes, food choices change. Everything changes. The faster you get used to it and embrace it, the happier you will be.

It's hump day yo! Change can be hard, but you can handle anything. I know this to be true. And as always, I'm cheering you on. Now go make today, your best day yet!

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