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Time to just be thankful

It’s time. There is only way day left until the Thanksgiving feast. One day until we get to wake up at whatever time we want and hopefully see a parade. I’m hearing the winds will be over 40 miles per hour which will surely ground the balloons but fingers crossed! Are you cooking? Will you prepare everything the day of or have you been at it all week? My mom used to cook the turkey overnight and this was when I still participated in the “Biggest Party Night” of the year. So, I would stroll in the door at 3 am to crawl into bed and be smacked in the face with the smell of delicious turkey. It made it hard to go to bed at all! If you are cooking, I hope you aren’t trapped in the kitchen all day. Because, ya know, there is football on!

The first of three games starts at 12:30 so there is plenty of football to be had all day. Do you get appetizers at your house? I remember the first time my parents and I went to my brother and sister in laws for Thanksgiving. She had put out some brie. I told her that was way too fancy for us! We usually eat pretty early so there isn’t a need for snacks. We save up for dinner and hope to get unfull enough to have some of those leftovers before bed! Oh, and of course there is dessert. Joe is making two pies. An apple and blueberry. Like I’ve mentioned we’ve had an apple pie at the house every weekend for the last three weeks as he mastered his recipe. I had finally had a piece this past weekend and it tasted great to me.

All the amazing food aside, this holiday is truly about being thankful and grateful for all that we have in our lives. And we need to put a little more focus on that. Only in America would we take a holiday intended to give thanks and turn it into a gluttonous meal! But we all love it. I hope you will take some time to really think about the things you are thankful for this year. Because something amazing happens when you start to appreciate all that you have in your life. You will find more things to appreciate. You should have at least a portion of the day off so take a few minutes to just think about the blessings you have in your life. Don’t beat yourself up about anything. Just think about the things that make you feel thankful.

Are you worried about getting through dinner with certain family members? I’ve got you! I told you on Monday to look for a recent picture of you looking and feeling happy. Make that photo at the forefront of your phone. Every time someone is discussing you or something you don’t like…pull out that picture and look at it. Hold back and don’t fly off the handle. Be the bigger person. For real! If someone is truly disrespecting you, tell them you don’t appreciate being talked to you in a certain way and leave it at that. Be calm and clear. But don’t be the one to disrupt and destroy dinner.

Here is something else I want you to keep in mind to keep you focused on the task at hand; thankfulness. For every one thing that happens that you don’t like, counteract that with something you do like. Your aunt says something about you being single…be thankful for the mashed potatoes. Your teenager is mouthing off to you in front of everyone…be thankful for those rolls you are about to butter. Your mother makes a comment about what you are wearing…be thankful for the alcohol on the table! Your husband has a puss on his face because he didn’t want all these people in the house…be thankful that you, him or the both of you will be back in front of the t-v watching football soon! For every single negative incident that happens I want you to flip it and remind yourself of something you love in that moment. I don’t care how silly it is. Maybe it’s how beautiful your tablecloth is. That’s totally acceptable!

Do whatever you need to do to get through those difficult conversations. Focus on the food, the football, the pie! Whatever is gonna get you through. And be thankful that you have those things to fall back on. It’s the time to be together so give this a shot and see if it helps. I think it will. Report back on Monday!

I will be taking the next two days off. As always, there is an abundance of episodes for your to choose from if case you have missed any or want to listen to your favorite one again. I might have something up my sleeve for you guys but I want you to have the most amazing Thanksgiving holiday and meal. Don’t forget the cranberry sauce! Be safe in whatever you do and make today, your best day yet!

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