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What kind of person do you want to be?

What type of person would you like to be? Put some real thought into this. Someone who is more kind, is more joyful, that takes chances, is less angry, a good listener? There are thousands of descriptives words to choose from. It's important to figure out the exact type of person you want to be in order to make it happen. Then, you have to live intentionally. You have to design your life in a way that makes that true. Do you want to be more knowledgable? You have to read and study and put yourself in a position to learn. You must be open to learning all you can wherever you can. Because you can be any type of person you want to be. You just have to know who that is first.

I've been following Brendon Burchard lately. He is a high performance coach who has written books, offers online courses, coaching and hosts conferences on how you can live your life intentionally and effectively. Follow him on Facebook or Instagram...you won't regret it. One of the first courses I took from him advised to pick three words that describe the person you want to be. Write them down. Figure out what you need to do in order to be described as those three words. He even suggests that you put the three words in your phone and set an alarm several times throughout the day to test whether you are living your day as these three words describe. The words I chose are joyful, courageous, and inspiring. Two of the words are what I want to be for myself and one is what I want to be for you.

I chose joyful because as a newly happy person I want to make sure I am feeling the happiness as often as possible. I want joy in my life and now I know I need to make that happen. It won't just come to me. I must live my life in a way that brings joy into my life. I chose courageous because I hope to hide it well but I am a big chicken. I'm so afraid to try new things, go out of my comfort zone, put myself out there but I want and need to do that. It's the only way to grow in my opinion. And I chose inspiring because I want to inspire others. I want to inspire you. I want to do that by sharing my stories on where I've come from, all that I've been through and show you how you can be happy too, no matter how you've been in the past.

In order to be all these things I have to live with the intention of being this way. I have to make sure I bring joy into my life. It doesn't have to be every single day but I try to do at least one thing that brings me joy every single day. Even if it's a small as lighting my favorite candle. You also may need to downgrade your version of joy meaning take more joy in the small things, but that is a conversation for another day.

I am courageous because I do all kinds of things that are out of my comfort zone now. I have to in order to grow this business and to learn all the things I need to know to get where I plan to go. As I'm sure you are all tired of hearing by now, still big time adjusting to my new Mac. I met a friend for coffee yesterday (yes, again...different friend) and I brought my laptop because she also has a mac. I can't seem to figure out this spell check issue I'm having. While sitting at the shop there were two young girls there siting at a table, laptops spread out. It was actually my friend who suggested I ask them. I felt weird about that so I didn't. Then I had gotten up to go to the bathroom and I thought, why the hell not. I walked over and just asked them if they knew how to solve my problem. The trick here is I didn't give myself time to think about it or talk myself out of it; I just did it. They couldn't have been nicer. They really went out of their way to help me. They were able to help me figure out a shortcut. Not exactly as easy as I had hoped but much better than what I had been doing. And now I have such a fond memory of their kindness. It never would have happened if I didn't have the courage to just go over and ask.

I also want to inspire people. I want to lead by example and show that you can have so much good with the bad. I want to be real, authentic and honest with you in this blog, on the podcast and on my social media accounts. I want let people know that even if you've been unhappy your whole life, you can turn it all around if you're willing to do what it takes to get happy. Because it is a process. I didn't just wake up happy one day. I worked at it for many years without it seeming like I was making any progress. But I kept at it because I thought happiness was worth the work and effort. I noticed subtle changes at first. Things that I took more joy in. Realizing that I was thinking a little differently, more positively. Then one day, everything seemed to click. I was happier. I felt joy in my life. I still have issues and problems...I just don't let them be the focus of my life. There did come a day when I felt like everything just clicked. It was slow at first, then I realized...hey, I'm happy. When I lost my job last year, instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself I took action and started all of this. I turned a tragedy into a triumph. I want to let everyone know that it's possible.

I wrote these three words on my bathroom mirror. It may even be a good idea to put them on your phone as a screensaver to remind yourself to question if you are living in a way these words describe? Or write them on a post it and put it on the corner of your computer so you see it while you work. You have to intentionally be the person you have described. It won't just happen. You have to make it happen. But I know you can. Because I believe in your and I know you are able to do anything you set your mind to. How do I know this, because I did it! And I was one of the most unhappy people I knew.

It is "I wish it were cocktail Friday" Thursday. Take some time to consider three words you would like to be described as. Then be those words. Live those words and make them who you are. It's all up to you. Now, go make today, your best day yet!

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