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When you are sidelined by an injury/illness

Hopefully we are no longer taking our health for granted since the onset of Covid. We all know now that even if we are living our most healthy lives we can still get knocked down with some sort of virus that could be potentially life threatening. Hopefully it won't take a dramatic illness or injury for you to realize just how much your body does for you every day.

I finally got my first pickle ball game in this week after 3 months. I sprained my ankle in June and haven't been able to do most things I do in the summer. I typically bike ride a lot which I couldn't. After I could walk on it properly I was able to kayak but it took awhile to just be able to hold my weight on the ankle while climbing up and down the ladder to get in the boat. The ankle still doesn't feel right. There are times I think it's back to normal and then I'll get up one morning and it hurts again. I'm being told that I am at that age where we don't just bounce back the way we used to. So I will keep taking small steps to get back to my pre-sprain life. Wish me luck. Because I really love pickle ball. If you haven't played...you should try it. It's super fun! Never take your movement for granted because you never know when you can lose it.

Have you ever had a problem when breathing is difficult? Isn't that the worst. I've had a cough for well over a month now. I had a negative Covid test so I know it's not that but I can't imagine how difficult it must be for those who do have it. If there is anything we take for granted the most is the ability to breathe. I'm sure you have seen those commercials encouraging people to quit smoking who need to use a tank or oxygen or need a trach to breathe. It seems scary doesn't it. There are other ways we can lose our ability to breathe so don't think you are off the hook if you don't smoke. Like any number of illnesses. Try not to take for granted the fact that you can breathe easily and do many things that others can't. It's kind of like when we finally started slowly getting out of quarantine. We never thought we would be so happy to get out of the house. But we were because we were shut in for so long. It's the same with having an illness that puts you out of commission. I hope after you recuperate you live life with more vigor and do all the things you couldn't do while sick.

There are times that things happen and they will never go back to the way they once were. Be it surgery or a long term illness or an accident that incapacitates you. This is when it is really hard. This is when you have to find new things to find that will bring you joy. It's time to evaluate what you can still do and what you must give up. You can try new things that you hadn't considered before. Maybe you will love long, leisurely baths. Or maybe you can listen to music a little more often. Take up an instrument. Get in a book club. Start writing. Or take up some sort of craft that may interest you. Hopefully you will find something you love just as much as the type of activities you enjoyed in the past.

Going through an illness or injury can be life altering. Even if it just reminds you how much you take certain aspects of your body/life for granted. The best advice is the stop taking things for granted and get out there and do stuff. All the stuff you keep saying you will do one day. Because one day may be too late. I have been wanting to go horseback riding for years. I've never been. It's something I think about several times every year but I never go. Guess what??? I'm going! We are going away in a few weeks and we booked a ride through a trail and along the beach. I'm so excited. It's time to get to all those things we have always wanted to do because one day we may not be able to. I hope you don't let too many opportunities pass you by.

It's hump day! Halfway there y'all. Go on and be the badass I know you are. Of course, I'm right here cheering you on!

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