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Why consistency is key!

Consistency is one of those words that has different meanings depending on what you are talking about. For today's purposes I will be referring to the actions you take toward a goal or the daily habits that you cultivate. Because if you are looking for success when it comes to anything, consistency is key.

If you are looking to build new habits, what gets you there? Consistently doing the same thing over and over again. Before you know it, that habit will be ingrained just like brushing your teeth. You won't even think about it...you'll just do it. This is why routines are so hard to develop and so hard to break. If you are in a bad routine of eating fast food, it becomes really difficult to break that habit. Your car just automatically swings into McDonalds parking lot, right? You have to consistently move your car away from that parking lot and go home where all the foods that fuel you are waiting for you at home. You have to get into the habit of making healthy, nutritious foods that are good for you. If it makes it easier to food prep in the beginning of the week then do it. Yes, it is a pain in the butt. But you know what else is a pain in the butt, never reaching your goals. Having to buy the next size up in my pants...again. And it will most definitely set you up for success. I won't get into it too much but obviously it's the same with working out. Just start a new routine and keep at it. Do it when you say you will consistently and you will reap the rewards you are seeking.

It's the same thing at your job. Show up everyday and make sure you are bringing the value you were hired for. This is why work hours are set. It is consistent. How crazy would the business world be if we all worked along our own schedule? We have a certain time period to get certain things done. It's what is expected of us. If it's good enough for your boss it should be good enough for you to. Are you trying to set aside some time each day to work on an important project? Show up to do that work everyday. Make the time for it everyday. Just like you show up for work everyday. Be consistent in your habits and your work ethic.

If you want to be great then you need to do the things that will make you great on a consistent basis. Tom Brady conditions his body everyday. Tom Brady practices football everyday. Tom Brady hires coaches and experts that will help him get the results he is looking for. And he does this consistently. He keeps at it, over and over. If you want to write a book, then you need to write...everyday. Or as many days as you can set aside for it per week. If you are someone like me you have to consistently show up for your audience and provide value to them when you say you will. If you are a regular listener to this podcast or reader of this blog, you depend on it Monday through Friday every week. Right? So I must be consistent in the fact that it's available for you. If I decided that I just wanted to work two days one week and then just one the following week but then I come back with five one week but follow up the next week with just three episodes. You wouldn't know when you would be able to listen because I'm being very inconsistent. And no one can count on that. Do what you say and follow through. Don't be someone that nobody can trust. That's a terrible position to be in. This is why it's important to know what you want and what you are willing do before you commit to it.

Oh, it's a hump day. Put some thought into what you want to commit to. What is something you really want and what are you willing to do to get there. Now, go out there and be your badass self. You know I'm cheering you!

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