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Why I am embrace Christmas early

I admit that the Christmas creep gets sooner and sooner every year. It used to bother me. I wanted all things to come in their due time. But one year, I just embraced the rush of all things Christmas and you know what? I loved it. Here’s why.

There is nothing I love more (except being on a boat!) than sitting in my living room looking at my tree. I keep the lights on all night and I love that it is the first thing I see as I come out of the bedroom in the morning. I love decking out the house and making it a winter wonderland of red and white. I love all things sparkly and glittery so this is obviously my season. It literally brings me joy and I love to show off my decorations so I can bring others joy.

I understand the hesitation though. For the longest time we were taught that the Christmas season begins the day after Thanksgiving. And that makes sense. But who cares if I want to decorate earlier than and listen to Christmas music? Just because I do doesn’t mean you have to. It’s not really affecting you in any way.

Some people complain about the stores stocking the shelves with holiday gear too early but there is nothing we can do about that. I recently read the reason stores do that is because they have limited storage space and they actually receive their holiday stock in the spring. They put it out early to make room. It’s also good old-fashioned demand. The stores more than likely wouldn’t put the stuff out so early if it wasn’t selling. We bought some lights for the tree just yesterday. We happened to be at Home Depot and I wanted to see how much the lights were so I could compare to prices to Target where I usually get such things. The price was pretty good, so we picked up a couple of boxes. I’m not putting my tree up yet but now I know I’m ready.

What seems so funny to me is how angry some people seem to get over the whole thing. A Facebook friend put up a post the other day about how weird it would be to listen to Christmas music in February so you shouldn’t be listening to it now. I don’t really know him very well so I keep scrolling but what I wanted to say is….How does my listening Christmas music affect you in any way? If you don’t want to listen to it, then don’t. But why the need to bash those who choose to?

It’s the same with putting up my decorations. If I want to spend the next two months starting at my tree and holiday decorations…who cares? That is what I want to do. Oh, and this nonsense about giving Thanksgiving it’s due. It is not a huge decorating holiday. It’s about an overabundance of food and I assure you, I happily enjoy my turkey dinner next to my Christmas tree. It takes absolutely nothing away from my experience. In fact, it adds to it in my case. If that’s not the case for you, then don’t have a tree up. But I’m not missing Thanksgiving so stop with that nonsense.

What it comes down to is the joy it brings to me to have my decorations up. I try to fill my life with as many joys as possible. As you should. So, if you love your holiday decorations…put those bad boys up! Don’t let anyone dim your shine. If you want to keep your tree up until March that is your choice. So, go ahead, deck the halls. You do you and let others do them. Let’s stop judging other’s choices and let people find joy in whatever makes them happy.

It’s Monday, my favorite day after Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Make it a great week! Full of possibilities and opportunity!! Go make it a great week and make today, your best day yet!

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