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Why we need to set goals! Ep. 555

It's September and that always gives a sort of automatic reset. Like when we used to have to go back to school. Party time is over...time to get to work. It's a great time to pursue some life challenging and life changing goals. This is a where you need some clarity.

What does your dream life look like? Where are you living? Who are you with? What are you doing everyday that brings purpose and meaning into your life? If you aren't asking these types of questions then you aren't living life to the fullest. If you want a shot at living your dream life then you have to do the things that will get you there.

After you decide on how you want your future life to look you have to figure out what you have to do in order to get there. Okay, you want a big house that overlooks a lake where all your grandkids can come and play on weekends. Great! How will you get that? What steps do you have to take in order to purchase that house? How much money will it take? Do you have any of it? Is there something you can sell that will help you get where you want to go? Is there a business you could start that will bring in money? Is there a job you are currently working that may be able to offer you more money?

Part of the goal setting process is to anticipate the obstacles that you may face along the way. Because believe me. There will be obstacles and the best way to handle them is to know what to do in advance. For example, if you want to start eating more healthy in order to lose some weight and have more energy how will you handle weekends? Are you in a habit of letting go on the weekends? You won't be able to do that anymore. So when they family comes over and wants burgers and dogs what are you going to do? Figure it out in advance? Are you traveling? Figure out what you can eat on the road that won't totally derail your new habits. Is there a holiday coming up? Will you try to eat healthy on that day or will you take the day off and just enjoy? Because that's okay too! Just be prepared.

What I would like to go over is how to start your Monday off primed and ready to tackle your goals. Instead of dreading Monday and all that you have to do this week what if you could be grateful that you have the opportunity to live your week as you choose? You can do what needs to be done while working on what you want to get done in order to further your goals?

From my good buddy Brendon Burchard (I don't really know him) comes the things that will make your week go well.

The first thing you have to do is to name your goals at the start of the week. What is you want to achieve or work on or further? Will it get you closer to that dream life you described earlier?

Next, mark out some block time to get that done. Do you have to be at work from 9 to 5? Then maybe you can dedicate an hour before work to pursuing your goals or an hour after work. I know it can be really hard if you are stuck at a desk all day. I only worked a 9 to 5 job for a few years and I absolutely hated it. I felt like there was no time to do anything else. But if your goal is a priority you will find the time. You will make the time.

You also have to make sure you have the energy required to get to those goals everyday. What did you eat and drink over the weekend? Was it nothing but junk food and a little too many adult beverages? You likely will not feel at your best. I know! The weekend is our time to party, relax and just enjoy life a little. But you need to ask yourself if you are willing to sacrifice a little now to have your dream life down the road?

Sleep is another important issue. How much sleep are you getting? I had insomnia for about 20 years. I'm not even exaggerating. I didn't sleep well for a very long time. Not until the doctor found something that really solved that problem for me. I think it was one of the reasons I was so grumpy all the time. You are not as likely to be happy if you are always tired. And you definitely don't have the energy you should. So get that sleep. If you have issues sleeping see a doctor so you can figure it out.

This is a bit of a difficult one but it's time to control your emotional responses. This will take a lot of practice. Are you taking things too personally? Do you have a tendency to overreact? These are questions that will help you bring your emotional level back to normal. Is the boss extra cranky and coming down hard on you? Maybe she didn't get any sleep last night for some reason. Maybe one of her kids is sick. Maybe there is a strain on her marriage. That doesn't excuse bad behavior but doesn't it make you accept it a little better knowing it isn't really about you. When you are really upset with the way you are treated try to come up with a scenario that lets your compassion in.

And finally, relationships. Finding a way to have a great time with the people you spend the most time with. Work is so much better when you can have fun with your co-workers. When you get along with the people you hang out with. How do you want your personal relationships to look this week? Are you making sure to get quality time in with the family? Is there something you would like to plan that you can all do together? Would you like to get together with some friends you haven't seen a awhile? Then make it happen!

Goals are designed to improve your life. To give you purpose and to strive toward something you want. You should always have goals no matter where you are in your career, how old you are or what you have already accomplished.

Think about the life you truly want to live everyday? How will you get there? Figure it out and start breaking down that big audacious goal into smaller, workable parts. Then nothing will stop you.

If you would like some help with setting, pursing and achieving goals, hey, I have a program for that! Just visit my website or shoot me an email at thehopefulist1@gmail.com. We can get started right away.

Or you can contact me on social media. I'm on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok, all under The Hopefulist. Search me out and give me a follow!

Now go on out there and get those goals going. Get to work. And be badass while you do it. You got it in you. I know you do. And I'll be here cheering you on.

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