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You can do hard things!

What we often think as easy can be as difficult as what we perceive to be hard. When we really look at what we want and what we are trying to go after...the longer we put it off, the more we disappoint ourselves. Does that make sense? The lure of instant gratification stops us from doing so much. We use the old "I don't feel like it" and accept that as a valid excuse. I'm here to tell you....it's not.

This goes with so many things in life. The best example is trying to live a more healthy lifestyle. You say you are going to eat food that fuel you and give you energy but you see that cupcake and you just give in. And that would be okay, but if you are like me, once you fall off the wagon...the disappointment in myself leads to more unhealthy eating. You know how that goes, "Oh, I already blew it so I may as well go to McDonalds now." Just me? Instead of staring the cupcake think about the goals you have. What is it you are trying to do? Eat for more energy? Bless your body with better foods overall so you live longer? Lose weight? Look good in that dress for a special occasion coming up? Think about those things when you want to gobble up that cupcake. It's the same with working out. I constantly torture myself about when I'm going to do it. I already have a number of home workouts that I rotate so I have my set workouts. In that sense I am ahead of a lot of people. But there are still so many times I can't force myself to do it. Why? Because I'm lazy! That is why I made it a non-negotiable. I'm sure you are tired of hearing those words but there is no my guess work. I'm working out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Because if I didn't do that I would continue making a plan, then crap out. And then I feel like crap because I've let myself down again. And I'm not getting the benefits I'm hoping to get by working out. Meanwhile, my body doesn't change and I may even put on some weight and my clothes won't fit. That is also hard. In fact, that is even harder because then there is shame associated with the results of your actions. But if you can just get yourself to do what you really want to do, not only will you be on your way to the desired result but you will also feel great, proud and stop beating yourself up.

It's the same thing when it comes to other goals in your life. Are you working on a project and you keep putting it off? Because you think it will be difficult. It very well may be but how hard is it when you are constantly not achieving your goals and staying in the same place? How hard is it when you want to see changes in your life yet you don't, year after year. Do you get to January every year and say this is the year I'm going to tackle all those goals? And then the following year you are in exactly the same place. Isn't that disheartening. Aren't you tired of letting yourself down? Aren't you afraid that time will eventually run out and you won't be able to make your dreams come true?

Because here is the truth. Anything worth having is going to take work. It will be hard at times. Isn't it better to go through the tough work that will take you where you want to go instead of feeling how hard it is when your life is working out the way you hope? You are in control. You make all the decisions in your life. You have the power to keep your promises to yourself and feel proud or break them and never see any change. I choose change. I want to keep improving, learning and growing. I want to be the absolute best version of myself possible. The only way to get there is to do hard things. But it's not as hard as seeing your life pass you by.

It's cocktail Friday y'all! We made it to the freaking weekend! I hope you have a fantastic time in whatever you do and please be safe. Now go out there and be a badass all weekend long. You know I'm cheering you on!

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