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I’m even more fired up now than when I got back from my Rise Business Conference. I took the first day to kind of relax. Then on Tuesday I was starting to fall back into my lazy ways and talk myself out of doing stuff I know I need to do. I’m not sure if it’s just laziness or fear of not finding the information I need but I seem to hesitate often. You know what I did yesterday after I recorded my podcast? I just did stuff. I went through the list of things I wrote that I wanted to get to. I did them all. Wiped them all out in no time at all. And that pumped me right back up. I can so do this! And so can you.

If you have been waiting to start something, just do it! Now! The energy you get from taking that one action will spur you onto another action, then another. Just start doing something. Anything! If you keep thinking about it, you will never get started! It’s too easy to say, yeah….tomorrow. Once I get on a roll like this I end up getting so much more done than I even planned to do. And don’t worry about if things are perfect. They won’t be. Almost never. Just start doing it anyway. Practice makes “almost” perfect!

I was listening to the Goal Digger podcast yesterday with Jenna Kutcher. Anyone, anyone? In one of the episodes she talked about having three intentions for the day. Just three. She was talking about working on your dream while still working full-time and having to take care of family. Three things aren’t that many depending on what the items are. Just this morning I knocked off about 5 things from my to do list…all before 11 am. And I slept till 6 this morning! Y’all know that is super late for me.

Now, if I do nothing for the rest of the day, I’m going to be okay with that. One, because I have my blog (writing it now) ready to go for tomorrow’s podcast. I sent out a letter to the Mel Robbins Show who has already contacted me so I’m hoping a follow up will seal a spot on her show. I have uploaded yet another video to Ellen begging her to have Tucker and I on her show. Meanwhile, I have done all my other responsibilities. Recorded and uploaded my podcast. Posted on all the social media outlets. Put up a kick ass story on IG so if you haven’t checked it out yet, please do.

So, I think I will give myself the rest of the day off. And I’m not really doing nothing. I have a stack of books that I ordered after getting back from my conference about how to get ahead in business. I’m halfway through Shoe Dog which is written by the founder of Nike. Up next (and now part of my 4th book club) is Mindset by Carol Dweck. I have two more on the library waiting list and 4 more waiting for me that came from Amazon. So, I have a ton of reading to do and it is all business related. Hopefully all the books will be interesting too.

So, try giving yourself three things to do a day. Just three. It’s not that many and the ease with which you get through those tasks will probably spur you on to do even more. If you feel like you should keep going, then keep going! Like I said yesterday, any information you could possibly want is on the internet. Use it for all you can. But if you are satisfied with three then stop there. Write down your three intentions for the day. Hold yourself accountable. I know you can this. Three little things. Now, go get ‘em! I believe in you!

It’s Cocktail Friday y’all! Grab an adult beverage and cheers to the freaking weekend. Think about what three things you can start with today that will take you toward your dreams and goals. Have a fantastic weekend and be safe in whatever you do. I will talk to you right back here on Monday. Now, go make today, your best day yet!

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