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You don't have to eat everything!

It’s true. You really don’t have to eat every single treat you come across during the holidays. If you are like me, you are probably trying to manage your weight while still indulging a little at all the gatherings that are taking place. There is a good way to go about this and then there is the way I always go about it.

I grew up in a dieting household. My mother was always on a diet. We never had typical goodies in our house like chips, candy or pastries. So, I think what ended up happening is it made me want all that junk food even more. When I did come into contact with it, I would eat as much as I could because I didn’t know when I would see it again. At the same time, when my mother was off her diet, we would have a literal food fest. Snowstorms always stick out in my mind as times when we would just load up on junk food and sweets. For some reason we could pig out when it snowed. But that put in motion an on a diet/off a diet mentality. It’s something I have struggled with my entire life. There have been times when I thought I had beat it and then inevitably it comes back.

Here is my main problem. When I know I will be eating a scrumptious, high calorie meal I tend to eat like crap for the whole day. I have a party tonight so normally I would eat unhealthy food for the rest of the day. But I’m really trying to reign myself in. I am trying so hard to keep my weight stable through the holidays but I’m not sure I’m winning that battle. If this isn’t one of your problems, then feel free to move along. You are way ahead of me. But if you could use a little practical advice, I am good at giving it. Just not great at taking it!

So, this morning I am trying to keep up my regular healthy eating habits and indulge a little later at the party. It is quite ridiculous to have this mentality and like I’ve said I have struggled to win it my whole life…but here I am overeating. My husband is one of those people who stops eating when he is full. What? What the heck did I marry? Who does that? Who stops eating when they’re full? It’s insanity, I tell you!

This is something I really hope to get under control one day. But here is some advice I have that hopefully I will start following myself. Take your day one meal at a time instead of one day at a time. Just because I’m attending a party later doesn’t mean I have to eat pound cake for breakfast and lunch (yes, I have done that). I can eat healthy, good for my body food and then indulge a little or even a lot at my party later. But if you are really trying not to go overboard maybe have a certain number of treats you will allow yourself. Instead of trying everything just go for your very favorite things. Just a taste of this and that is okay too but then you need to watch your portions. Don’t overdo it just because it is there.

I know, I know…this is the only time of year you can get certain things. You can indulge! Just not too much. Even take a little portion home if you can and have a little bit again tomorrow. It seems so simple but is yet so hard for me to do. Do you know what I mean?

For myself I am getting what I call back on track tomorrow full force and I plan to keep it healthy for the next week. Christmas Eve is one week from today and I have plans to go out and parties to attend. But I can make good choices. They don’t all have to be bad. Oh, and another great tip is to never show up to parties starving. You will definitely overeat if that is the case. The urge to eat all of your favorites will be overwhelming so always try to have a little something before attending a party. You won’t be sorry!

It’s our last full work week of the year and I’m trying to finish strong. I don’t want to start the new year with an extra 10 pounds. I’m sure you don’t either. Try to keep some of these tips in mind. Hopefully they will work for both of us!

It’s taco Tuesday. Grab a healthy taco and keep your food choices as healthy as you can when you aren’t attending gatherings. It really will help. Now, go make today….your best day yet!

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