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You gotta have Faith

Why do we make plans for the future? Because we have faith we will be around for them. Why do we plan our outfits for the next day? Because we have faith that we will wake up. We have faith that we will keep breathing on our own in order to keep us alive. We have so much faith going on in our lives that we don't even realize it. But for some reason when it comes to our goals and dreams our faith disappears. Let's change that.

All next week we will be talking about ways to pump up the faith. Yes, sing some Billy Joel and Bon Jovi but thats not all! I have some real tactical tools to get you through this journey to more faith.

We will focus on self love, trust in who you are, confidence and sharing yourself, hopes and dreams with others. You are the only you on this earth. Don't take that for granted. As someone who has struggled with self worth and confidence their whole life, I can tell that once you truly accept and love yourself, things will start to fall into place. You won't worry as much what other people think and you'll realize that everyone in your life isn't meant to be there.

It's time to focus on change. If you aren't the person you truly feel you are, then become that person now. No more waiting. I want to grow, learn and strive for more all the time. People often use the term 'you've changed' as a bad thing. It's not! You are supposed to change. If you are truly living into yourself you will want to learn, grow and know better than you have in the past.

Stay tuned. We will go over so much more next week. Just a heads up. It will be a short week for me. I'm taking the Thanksgiving holiday to eat, eat and eat a little more. I will also be finishing up my Christmas decorations and vision board. Exciting, right???

It's finally cocktail Friday! Grab an adult beverage later today and enjoy. Sit back and relax. Six more days until turkey day! Have a fantastic weekend and be safe in whatever you. And of course, be badass about it. You know I'm cheering you on.

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