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You gotta have Faith!

Are you singing the George Michael song in your head too now? Faith is being able to believe something before you can see it. All your dreams are already out there waiting for you and now you just have to work toward them to bring them to you. But mostly you have to believe they will come to you.

Much like last weeks topic on manifestation you must believe what you want is possible or there is no point. You have the power to design your life exactly as you desire. I know this to be true. And I'm here to convince you as well.

Sometimes it doesn't seem like you are getting anywhere with your dreams and then all of a sudden everything falls into place. When I was first married we lived in a condo in Bucks County, Pa. I had already lived at the Jersey Shore full time and I was hell bent on getting back there. We rented some places over the summer in the first few years of our marriage. But we came to a point where we had nothing lined up. I was nervous that summer was coming and I would be stuck in Pennsylvania rather than be at the shore.

There were a couple of incidents that led me to high frustration with our condo board and I listed our place. I really didn't think it would sell since the values had recently dropped significantly and we needed a pretty high asking price in order to just break even. This is where the hokey stuff comes in. I believe the universe conspired to get me the wish I put out there. We got an offer and contract within a week on the condo. Just enough for us to walk away with no loss.

Now, we had to figure out where we going to live because I really didn't think it would sell and certainly not that fast. So I started looking in my old neighborhood at the Jersey Shore for some rentals. It was January and it's not the best time of year to be looking for year round rentals at the Shore so we couldn't really find anything. I expanded my search to an area that was right before LBI but still on the water. It's a neighborhood built around lagoons so everyone has water in their backyard. I was that crazy about having to settle there instead of on the island as I originally wanted but we took a two year lease at a cute little house.

It turns out we loved living in this area. The chance to actually live on the water on LBI is pretty out of reach financially so the fact that I woke up to water in my yard everyday was a dream come true. I could take off in my kayak from my backyard rather than drag it across the road and down the block to put it in the water. It was also a great area to ride my bike around. And mostly we really liked the people and the community vibe.

Before the two years was up on our lease we decided to start looking for a place to purchase. It took awhile but we finally found a home that is perfect for us. I love our house, location and neighbors. And if you've ever seen how close the houses are here it's really important to have great neighbors. I could open my window and ask for some grey poupon!

So, what's my point? It's that I put out in the universe that I wanted to live at the Shore full time. I didn't know how it was going to happen. I wasn't sure we would be able to do it. But I believed it was possible. I knew that someday I would be back and it happened so much sooner than I anticipated. It just seemed to unfold one layer at a time.

It hasn't always been easy. There have been sacrifices. My husband commutes an hour and a half each way in order for us to live here. We had to scale back on our monthly expenses dramatically in order to afford the mortgage payment. We are house poor to be blunt. But when the pandemic hit and we couldn't go anywhere for months there was no where else I would have rather been and I'm so glad we put our money where we did.

What is it you really want? What have you been waiting to do and are beginning to think will never happen? Is it about something like a house, an area to live, a particular job or skill? Speak it out loud. Tell the universe. Then it can conspire to make it happen. But mostly you have to believe it will happen. You have to know deep down inside that it's not only possible but is already on it's way to you.

Of course a big part of this process is the way you speak to yourself. Are you someone who is cynical about things. Well, you can't be when it comes to this. You have to stop telling yourself that you can't get what you want. You must tell yourself that what you want is coming and start preparing for it. Be ready when the opportunity presents itself.

To go a bit further is the self talk you have with yourself everyday. Are you kind when you speak to yourself? Because if you go around saying you will never be able to live at the Jersey Shore (or wherever you dream of) you likely won't. Just like if you tell yourself that you know you won't keep up with a healthy eating regimen and workout routine you won't. It's time to have faith and believe in yourself. Just because you haven't done it before or it hasn't happened before doesn't mean it can't happen. It will. You just have to have faith.

Self talk is one of the most important things for you to change if yours is negative and unflattering. There is no way you will find happiness and a fulfilling life if you are always saying how unreliable you are or calling yourself bad names when you do something you wish you hadn't. Most of this negative self talk comes from a place of unworthiness and low self esteem. If you think you could use some help in this area I would love to work with you to pump you up and show you how your dreams are worth pursuing and how much you deserve to have all you desire in your life. It's called personal positivity training. It's time to get you one! It's the most!

If you like this episode please share it with your friends. It's a brand new week full of opportunities and possibilities. Go out there and make things happen. And be badass of course. I'm right here cheering you on.

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