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You have so much!

As we continue our focus on mindset, I want to remind everyone of all that we already have in our lives that we tend to take for granted. When it comes to gratitude, taking things for granted is the number one enemy. A friend of mine said recently that we really hit the lottery just by being born in the United States. RIGHT? How true is that when you really digest it? We have so much more than many others and guess what...most of the time we don't even appreciate it. And here is a secret to gratitude and happiness...the more you are thankful for the little things, the happier you will be.

Just think about all that we are born into that hundreds of other countries don't have. Most of us were born in a hospital. We are brought home to a stable house with all the food we need. There is electricity, running water, access to medical care and the opportunity to be educated. These are all things we take for granted. Maybe you think it's silly to take time to appreciate these things that we consider a given. But remember, it is not a given for a lot of people. How different would your life be if you had to run to the outhouse every morning instead of using a bathroom in your own home? I bet you wouldn't take it for granted then. If it seems silly to appreciate such things then I challenge you to challenge yourself and your mindset. We are not entitled to anything when we are born. We don't have a right to anything. We only have what we are given. And eventually what we make for ourselves. So yes, these things are a big deal. And the faster you stop taking them for granted, the luckier you will feel and the more things will start to shift in the way you think about everything.

I have a picture up of my girl, Tucker sitting next to me on the couch while I'm wearing my favorite lounge pants. I don't take either of these two things for granted. I love how comfy my pants are. I am grateful I found them for this time when I am spending so much time at home. I often look at Tucker sleeping like she is here and I just feel my love for her wash over me. I will look at her sleeping like this and just take in the moment. It's even better when she is snoring or closed mouth barking while having a dream. I'm sure you have done with your kids. When is the last time you did it?

Sit back right now and look around wherever you are at. Is it your house? Then appreciate all the work you did to make into the showplace you dreamed of. In your car? The huge investment you likely spent a lot of time deciding on. The vehicle you will spent so much time in for a long period of time. Do you keep it nice? You spend a ton of money on that car...treat it with a little respect. Are you at work? Is it a nice office? Do you like the way your desk is set up? Is there a really cool lobby you get to enter everyday? Take notice of these things and appreciate them. It's all the little things like this that make us look forward to our days.

Try to spend one day appreciating every single thing you have. I know this will be tough to do but start with waking up in a super comfortable bed with a ton of pillows and warm blankets. The fact that you can do your business in private and indoors. Get in the shower and feel the hot water rain down on you. Notice the smell of your soap, shampoo and anything else you may use in the shower. Go from there. I bet you are already feeling a bit better about your life. Just give it a try. See if it makes a difference.

It's day two of the #hopefulistchallenge. I hope you have been doing your homework. Tomorrow we will be talking about how you spend the majority of your time. We are whipping that mindset into shape. It's taco Tuesday y'all. Now, go make today...your best day yet.

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