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I got this sticker from one of the lovely women at my Rise business conference. I met her on the last day as we were waiting to enter the venue. I was tempted to put it on myself right then but I waited and now I’m so glad I did. I have it on my bathroom mirror and it is my daily reminder that I have all the power I need. And so do you.

What is you want? It’s Wednesday which is typically the day we are feeling a little wrung out. We’ve got two days into the week and almost three days until the weekend. We may be feeling a little sluggish, a little unproductive, like we should have more done. But we still have time to make this week what we want it to be. You have the power to do whatever you want to do. You can make it happen.

Do you have weekly goals? If you don’t, it’s something you should consider. You don’t get through a checklist without the list. This applies to everything. Are you trying to lose weight? What are your weekly goals? Lose a certain number? Eating more vegetables with every meal. Cutting out dessert when you would normally have it? It’s the same with working out or training. How many times do you want to get a workout in? What do you want to accomplish in those workouts?

How about work? Is there a project you are working on that has deadlines? Are you hitting those deadlines? Are you doing your very best or are you phoning it in? It’s only when we are truly trying our best that we feel a sense of satisfaction. Don’t half ass your way through life. That’s not living! Make an impact, make a difference, make them remember you were there!

Whatever it is you want in this life; you can have it. You will have to work for it but it is possible. No matter what it is. I mean, heck, you can even change sexes at this point! So, if you haven’t already…think about what it is you really want. What type of impact do you want to have on others in your life? On others in the world? Whatever it is, start working on it. Working toward it. Figure it out. Most of the time it’s pretty simple…not always easy, but pretty simple.

How about this? You work your ass off in whatever you are striving for the rest of the week. I mean, really give it your all. Then you can have take the weekend to do all the things you love with no goals in mind. Just enjoy. In fact, I’ll give you off a few days next week. Take off next Thursday and Friday too!

It’s hump day! Think about what you’ve been working on. Really give it your all for the rest of this week. If this isn’t something you typically do, you will notice a different feeling come Friday afternoon. You will feel more satisfied. I promise! Now, what do you want to accomplish by the weekend? Get to it, you have the power! Now, go make it your best day yet!

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