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You've come a long way, baby!

We often have big, bold dreams. And sometimes it is something not so big but still seems so unattainable. We tend to have little faith in our ability to get the things we want in this life. But if we stop for a minute and look back we will realize how many dreams and goals we have already made happen. Taking stock in that will fuel our faith in the ability to make more happen for us.

It's sooo important to sit down and write out all of your achievements up to this point in your life. I have asked you to do this in the past, but you likely didn't do it, right? It's a great exercise to show you how capable you truly are. How the power to make your dreams come true and manifest the life you desire is in your hands. I want you to write a letter to yourself. In it, record all the achievements you have conquered already. Be as specific as possible. Did you graduate high school, college? That counts! Did you score a part in the school play, talent show, make choir or a sport throughout school? Do you have any academic achievements you are proud of? Great GPA through school? How about your first job, first apartment? Being able to buy those clothes you drooled over for so long?

Are you in a satisfying relationship? The type of relationship you dreamed about for so long? Did you give birth? Are you raising or have raised children? Do you have a home that you love? Remember the excitement you had when you went to look at that house for the first time? You made that sale happen and then made the house into a home. Your home. You continue to make improvements on that house to make it better. Write it all down.

How about physical goals? Have you ever lost weight? Gotten into better shape? Then you know it's possible even if you aren't where you want to be right now. Do you eat foods that nourish your body instead of junk that packs on the pounds? Are you on your way to eating more heathy anyway? Have you changed habits that were detrimental to you in the past. Personally, growing up my eating habits were atrocious. I've made so many baby steps to improvements through the years and that is something to be proud of. It's progress no matter how little it may seem. For example, I was in the habit of stocking up on junk food whenever a snow storm was on the way. And we would often eat our way through one or two days of snow. Once I moved into my own place it took me a long time to resist that urge to hit the store for ice cream, chips, brownies, cake and all types of junk to eat non stop through the store. But now it never even occurs to me to stock up on that stuff when I see an impending storm because it's not part of my lifestyle anymore. It's something that took time but is so beneficial to me now.

Think about your career goals and what you have already made happen. Think about yourself when you were that recent graduate and waiting to get into the working world. What can you tell that younger version of yourself that will delight them? What all do they have to look forward to? What all have you accomplished and achieved in your career? Don't hold back? Even if it's having had to deal with impossible co-workers at some point. You did it!

The best way to spur you to action on your current aspirations is to look back at all you have already done and realize how truly badass you are. You can do anything! Just look at your life up to this point. It's likely that much of what you have now is something you only dreamed of at one point in your life. Let that fuel you toward more and better. But before that, read that letter to yourself a couple of time. And toast to the amazing life you have created. Revel in all your accomplishments. Don't poo poo them. You did this. YOU created this life and that deserves some celebration.

Then use the information to take you even further. To have everything you have always dreamed of and more. Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you may land among the stars. Don't be afraid to have big, bold dreams. If we go about it correctly we will achieve those dreams so ask for everything! Put it out there in the universe. Stick with me and the universe will deliver.

It's a short week this week so get that letter done and we will coast the rest of the week! Remember, don't hold back. No modesty here. Pat yourself on the back. Tell yourself how great you are because you really are. You will realize that once you finish that letter to yourself.

Have a great Monday! It's my favorite day of the week after Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Now go out there and make great things happen. Be badass about it. You know I'm right here, cheering you on.

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