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You've got GRIT!

Grit is my new favorite word. Defined as - courage and resolve. Strength of character. A passionate persistence. There are many examples of highly talented people in certain fields that don't make it as far as those with much less talent. Why? Because the less talented work hard and never give up. They do everything it takes to get where they want to go. They don't sit back and wait for things to come to them. They go out and get them.

When it comes to fear, grit is exactly what you need. There will be times that you fail. There is no doubt about that. But you will learn and get back on your feet and go again. That is how you overcome fear and accomplish all your goals. One way doesn't work, try another way. Then go again and again. You find something you love but aren't that great at it. Keep doing it...over and over. I was recently listening to an old program of Tony Robbins and he was talking about some of the greatest coaches of all times. He would have his players shoot 400 free throws everyday. That instills in them the fundamental ability to be ready at a moments notice for whatever happens in the game. It's become muscle memory. You just shoot. It's the same with any pursuit.

I have been in radio broadcasting for over 25 years. And suffice it to say, I didn't have a natural talent for it. I was so awful when I got my first job on the air. I mean painfully awful. My partners at the time couldn't stand working with me. I stumbled and stuttered a lot (still do) and there were times that would happen and a partner would throw up his hands like...Oh my gosh, she can't even get through a sentence. It was humiliating, it was horrifying and I hated him! But I kept at it. This is what I wanted to do. So, I kept at it. I kept trying. And I started getting better jobs and more high profile positions in bigger cities. I still stumble and stutter over my words but not nearly the way I used to. When I saw I was awful, I mean I was God awful! It was a horrifying experience at times. I was afraid to show up to work everyday because I knew I was going to mess up again. But I kept doing it. I kept showing up and trying. Going again, then again. And eventually I improved. And thankfully I improved enough to get away from that partner.

Here's the thing about fear. It's not realistic. Are you afraid to try something new because you think you will be bad at it? Newsflash...you will be bad at it! You've never done it before so of course you will be bad at it. But that is the way it is supposed to be. If it is something you really want in your life, you have to work past your fear and do it anyway. Again and again.

My sister put a post up on Facebook the other day about one of the first running events she did 11 years ago. She has now completed a full Ironman competition. Frankly, I think she is nuts but it was important to her. It was a goal. She had tried to do one in the past and wasn't able to make the cutoff time. I asked her why she felt the need to do it again. She said because she didn't finish. She didn't complete her goal. This was an all day undertaking. She started at 7 am and crossed the finish line after 11 pm. Can you imagine swimming, biking and running all that time? And to make matters worse, you aren't even allowed to listen to music to help push you through. No way, Jose...not this girl! But who knows, never say never. She had a goal and she wasn't satisfied until she completed it. That is grit!

It's also just a cool word, am I right. Grit! I've got grit. You've got grit. We've all got grit! So, get your grit on and work it. Think about that goal you've been afraid to try and get going. Baby steps, then more and more. It's the only way to get better and to push aside the fear.

It's finally a cocktail Friday y'all!! And it's a holiday weekend. I am taking the day on Monday so I will talk to you on Tuesday when I will be unveiling a course that you can take to speed up the hopefulist process. Get happier faster...yes, please!

Have a great holiday weekend. Take a moment to remember all of those who sacrificed for us so we can have a BBQ this weekend or hit the shore. I hope you have a fantastic holiday and be safe in whatever you do. Remember, I'm always cheering for you. Now go make today, your best day yet!

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