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Your 3 words

What type of person do you want to be? What are the words that describe that person? Choose three words every morning and check in with yourself throughout the day to make sure you are embodying those words. I will need to check myself to see if I am being productive, positive and badass. I mean, I'm always badass but it doesn't hurt to check! This is a great way to keep yourself on track. When you check in and know you aren't being one or all of your words, step it up and get busy.

You can change your words every day, weekly, monthly or however often you want. It's important to remind yourself of these words. I suggest setting an alarm on your phone several times a day. When that alarms goes off ask yourself if you acting as your words describe. We need to be accountable to ourselves or we will just keep going on with life the way we have been without the results we desire.

I've been having a productivity problem so my first word is productive because I need to get more work done throughout the day. I also want to be more positive. I'm pretty positive already but we can all use a little work in that area....am I right? And of course badass because that is how I want to be seen and to act. Maybe badass is too much for your right out of the gate so you could choose courageous. Or along the same lines would be brave or even fearless.

Here's something important to note. Don't use negatives in your words. Your mind doesn't recognize the negative aspect and only registers the main word. For example...I won't lie. Don't say that. Use the positive such as I will be truthful. Don't say I won't gossip. Use the word respectful. Do you see where I'm going here? Are you picking up what I'm throwing down? Are you smelling what I'm selling? See? Badass! Badass goofball but that's okay. I crack myself up.

Are you ready to live your three words? What are they? I would love to see them in the group! Tell us and we can help you be accountable! Sound good? It's hump day. Now go be your best three words and even if badass isn't one of them...be badass too. I'm here, cheering you on!

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