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Your Kids and your Dream!

Here is a question I bet you struggle with a bit. I have this really big dream. I want it more than anything but it’s going to take time away from my kids. I can’t do that, can I? Yes, you can. You are not only allowed to pursue your own dreams while raising kids, but you should be required to do it. Show your kids by example how to go after something full of gusto and model the work it takes to get to that ultimate goal. You will be showing your children how it’s done, firsthand. They will learn that it is ultimately up to them to do what is required to get where they want to go in life.

As we all know, I don’t have many good things to say about my own mother so I will use my sister as an example in this case (since I don’t have my own children). My sister started running a number of years back. She decided that it was something she wanted to start doing on a regular basis and she started out slowly and eventually worked her way up to running a full marathon. This took a lot of training and long work outs. It most definitely took some time away from her kids. And sometimes they were not very happy about it. Sometimes she would have to miss something here and there the kids wanted her to be at. Nothing that was ever a major event. And she is the most doting mother I know personally…always putting her kids first and foremost. But she had a dream of running a marathon. That was going to take work on her part to get in the physical shape she needed to be in. Guess what? She’s allowed. And so are you! Some people will call you selfish. Some people will say it’s more important to be there for your kids than it is to pursue your own dreams. Hogwash! Only you truly know how much you are really there for your kids and you SHOULD NOT put your dreams on hold…for anyone!

Are your kids getting fed every day? Are they getting to school and all the activities you agreed they would participate in? Are you there when they are going through a tough situation and need someone to talk to? Do you get to most of their games, activities, events? Then I think you are doing a hell of a job!

It’s just my opinion but I think it’s extremely important to teach by example. This is how you do that. When my nieces decide on a goal they want to go after they will remember their mom getting up at 5 in the morning to get a run in before she went to work. They’ll remember that she persevered in steaming hot weather. That she got hurt at times and worked to get back in top physical shape so she continue toward her goal. These are some real-life lessons to show your kids. You can have whatever you want as long as you are willing to do the work it takes. No one is going to hand it to you.

This goes for whatever your dream is. You have to make time for it. You have to figure out a way to get it in every day. Don’t let the little people in your life dictate your whole life. You have time for them and for your dream both. The housework may fall off a little bit. Who cares? You have to prioritize. But you can fit in whatever is most important to you even if you have to wait until those little ones are in bed at night and before they get up in the morning. If you want it bad enough you will figure out a way. And it will be worth it. My sister is doing an Iron Man triathlon this September. Holy Cow! Good for her! I will be there to cheer her on. But I will not be helping with any training…lol. That is all on her! What is your dream? What can you do right now to start working toward making it a reality? Get going…get started…stop waiting!

It’s Taco Tuesday! I hope you get to enjoy a taco but a healthy one! Now go make it your best day yet!

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