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Your life is worth recording.

The most basic form of journaling is keeping a diary of our lives. The word diary usually emits memories of our 12-year old selves writing down everything that happened in our day. Some people keep this up their whole lives and then there are others that give up after a certain point. I can tell you this. There is nothing as fascinating than reading your own diary.

Admittedly this is something I have not been great at keeping up with through the years. I have a dedicated book to keeping a diary but I haven't written in it in years. I was keeping up with it pretty good a few years back when we first bought our house and had company every weekend. I would write in at least once a week to cover our weekends and who had visited that week, what we did and how much fun and food we had. We always force massive amounts of food onto our guests. But once fall came around and the company stopped, I stopped keeping track. I really need to pick it up again. The quote above is really resonating with me and I have a terrible memory. This is such a good way to keep track of things we never think of again.

As with free writing journaling this is a way to work through things as well. If there is a situation that happened that you don't quite understand, just the art of writing it down can bring some clarity. It slows you down enough to see things from different points of view. That can give you a whole new understanding into situations or events that may have happened.

Mostly though it a record keeper. Maybe your children will love to read it one day when you are gone. Or maybe they will find your story so fascinating they will make it into book form and have it published. I'm sure Anne Frank never dreamed anyone would read her diary let alone become famous when millions of people read it. But even if no one ever reads it but you that's okay. It's meant to be for you. If it becomes more than that is great. But the main purpose is to be able to look back and remember. Read with wonder at what an amazing life you have led.

It's Thursday already? Have a fabulous day and be badass! I'm always here, cheering you on!

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