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Stress less and live life to the fullest

Life Coaching with Wendy McClure

Meet Wendy

Life Coach & Podcaster

Wendy was a lifelong pessimist. She never could find happiness in her everyday life. Until she decided she had enough and did the things that happy people do!

What makes a person happy? Being grateful, carving out time for joy, making the best of all situations. 

Wendy doesn't want you to live your whole life looking for more. She wants to help you find your happiness now. Stop waiting for life to get better, make it better now.

Wendy has dedicated herself to helping women stress less and live life to the fullest. 

Are you ready to live life better?

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Stop waiting for something to make you happy. You can do it yourself! In fact, it's essential that you do it yourself. 

Follow Wendy and she will show you how easy it is to start living the life you've always dreamed of.

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How you can be a Hopefulist too



Live with Intention

Eliminate Toxic People

Find your Joy

Start a Gratitude Journal

Design your life!

Learn to stress less and live life to the fullest by transforming negative thoughts into positive.

"Wendy is upbeat, funny, encouraging and has lots to say!!! I look forward to her posts everyday!!!!"

- Michelle L.

"The Hopefulist is such a wonderful and positive experience to me! It is so real and very easy to relate to! It shows me that despite trials and tribulations that may affect us, there is always hope and that we should never give up!! I look forward to Wendy’s podcasts, posts and positive vibes every day and hope they continue forever!"

- Diane S.

"I'm into this month's topic of fear and breaking free of limiting beliefs! Completely relevant content and with a quick search of the archived episodes I can already tell this is going to be a weekly listen. 

Relevant, positive, mentally uplighting.

- Dee L.

Let’s Get Hopeful