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Do you feel like life hasn't gone the way you had planned? Do you feel you should be happier and more satisfied with you life than you actually are?


I was there too. I was always waiting for something to happen to make me happy. Then the AHA moment hit! I realized it wasn't about things. It was about creating my own happiness by designing a life that would bring me joy each and every day.

I can help you create your own happiness and build a life that feels complete and satisfying.

Join me each day for your daily dose of inspiration and positivity and you can become a Hopefulist too!

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Daily Dose of Inspiration and Postivity.
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Sharing my journey from perpetual pessimist to the ultimate Hopefulist.

Wendy McClure

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Daily Dose of Inspiration and Postivity.

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Daily Dose of Inspiration and Postivity.

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